Perlick tap gas leak?

Post #1 made 4 years ago
Wondering if that's where my problem is ... I have a 2 tap tower kegerator with 5lb gas tank inside with a new tap rite dual regulator. Two ball lock kegs, 15 ft / tap of silver barrier line and Perlick 525.

Kegerator is at ~40 and regulator ~12.5. Kegs seem to be perfectly carbed once I clear the lines of semi-carbed beer. If it sits in the lines for a few days it loses some carb.

Can't source the leak, help!

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Post #2 made 4 years ago
You should always pour off about 1/4 pint before pouring anyway. The beer goes stale overnight and needs to be purged. Mine will sort of burp or spurt when the fresh beer hits. I don't think what you are experiencing is anything abnormal or faulty in the system.
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