Transitioning to Brewing in a Basket

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I have brewed a lot of beer using the 3 vessel method, and I've completely revamped my brew rig to a single vessel, brew in a basket design. I have a picture but it won't load....file size too large, so here is a diagram of my Keggle with the grain basket in it, and the way I am recirculating is via a vertical pipe with holes in it. I've ordered a custom grain basket, 800 microns stainless steel mesh, that just fits into the opening I cut into the Keggle, and I've got feet on the basket so there is room for the dip tube. I plan to experiment with the grist size that will work best with this large mesh size, but I'm going for fast re-circulation. I plan on dumping hops directly into my Keggle and when the appropriate time is passed to filter them out by collecting them with a mesh bag at the return connector (with the vertical pipe removed) before I pump the wort to my plate chiller. I've tried this already, throwing the hops directly into the Keggle, and it worked fine. My system tubing is 3/8" ID and I am using a Steelhead 1/25th horsepower pump. I realize the vertical pipe approach is unorthodox but I'm going to try and make it work. is anyone doing this already, or something similar, I would love to hear your experiences. Thanks in advance for any feedback, and Cheers!
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Re: Transitioning to Brewing in a Basket

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Interesting design, any fear of creating channels where the wort returns through the pipe? Seems there are a number of people moving to a basket setup versus fabric filter these days. Good luck with the system, definitely post back here after you have a go with it.

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