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Bit of an over reaction there Lylo. All IBU calculations don't account for post boil additions: not even the biabacus. I believe the gurus here have determined a 10 min boil addition as being close to post boil addition.
If you feel you are being lectured at I think it's because you need to slow down and fully understand the replies to your questions. I admit I at one time misinterpreted the tone of some posts until I slowed up.
Hope you stick around but good luck to you if you don't.
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Advanced BIABacus Pre-Release Questions

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I actually doubt whether even if you had every step of the breweries process in great detail that you could ever exactly replicate what happens with post boil additions. There are just too many variables that can't be controlled or replicated to ever get closer than an approximation.

For example the time after flame out before whirlpooling and the drop in temperature would vary from system to system and presumably would be much slower in a large commercial set up as would the temp drop during a 30 minute whirlpool.

Then there is the question of how they chill and how long it takes to get the wort below isomerisation temperature. Once again, slower for a larger volume.

Really the only way to refine these processes is to pick a starting point and make changes to subsequent brews to get the flavour you are after.

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Contrarian. I brew 10L batches, and I need to Re-Wrap the Kettle after Flame out, just as I do In Mashing, to Keep My Wort Warm.

A BIABACUS Helps me Shorten the Boil Down to 50 Minutes, to Clear the Proteins, and allow FWH to Be in the Sweet Liquor for 70 Minutes, so a 30 Minute Hop Stand will be timed.

We got to keep an Eye on the Clock, the Weights, the Temperature, the Gravity, and the Volume.
BIABACUS let you Record that Data.

Beer is More of and Art, than a Science.
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Advanced BIABacus Pre-Release Questions

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There's plenty of art to it that's for sure! Experimentation and personal preference is the key!

Just remember that a hip stand after flame out does not result in the same utilization as a 30 minute addition in the boil as even while wrapped the temp is below boiling and isomerisation slows along a curve down to about 80C where it stops completely.

Have you ever taken regular post boil temperature measurements and plotted them on a graph? It would be really interesting to see the rate of change over time.

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Contraian, My Post Boil temperature Greatly Varies with the Ambient Room Temperatures

The rate of Cooling can be 1F per Minute at the start, and as All Cooling systems, drops of to less than 1F per 20 minutes Near Ambient.

All I do is Wrap the Kettle In a Home Made "Kettle Cozy", (an Old Sleeping Bag cut in to a thick Cup shape).

Then add the Flavor hops until the Flavor Rocks, about 5 to 20 minutes depending of the Hop, then Un-zip the Cozy and let it cool to 140F, and add the Aroma Hops, then Cover the kettle, remove the Cozy, and Cool overnight, and the next day, Pull the Hop BIAB-BAG, and Pitch.

Yep, that is All personal preference, but, Makes a Noticeably Better Beer, In My Opinion.

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