Cold break experiment

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Cold break is good, cold break is bad, I wish I had a hundred dollars for every time this discussion pops up on forums. My experiment today, with my double urn setup, is to do two identical brews then no chill them overnight. Tomorrow I'll pour the top half of each cube into a fermenter and the rest into the other fermenter.
So one will get little or no CB, the other will get all of it.

4000g Galaxy Pale Pilsener
1000g Rice
330g Carapils

20g Northern Brewer 60 mins
30g Saaz 10 mins

S-189 Lager yeast.

So lets sort the sheep from the goats. :cool:

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i would bet you won't be able to tell the deference.
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I'm not going to speculate on the outcome, its a well thought out experiment BB, so congratulations on giving this a go.

Ps. A new job beckons in the big smoke for the next year, so the Platform could be on again, followed by the International or vice versa. Regularly...
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Massive thread bump.

No apologies, got all interested in this one only to find no climactic outcome.

I know we are now talking about almost 12 months,but how'd this one turn out Beachbum.


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Hi Mick, not sure why but Beach Bum didn't follow up here. So I've copied what I thought was most relevant from AHB.
I took bottles of each down to BABBs tonight and about 7 people tried the beers without knowing which was which. It was not possible to do a blind triangle due to the nature of the venue but the general opinion was that the beers were very similar indeed but on balance most found the Cold Break one to be slightly more 'assertive'. As Ross pointed out, this could be due to the fermenter #2 getting the bulk of any hop material remaining in the cubes which could add a bit more hop flavour to #2. As the beers mature, subjectively they do seem to be less different than initially.

Aroma, clarity, colour, foam, lacing etc all indistinguishable but just that wee bit of a difference in the aftertaste and a very slight difference in mouthfeel. Which again could be attributable to more lingering hop in the cold break beer. I wonder as well if cold break, being a protein/lipid mixture might absorb a percent or two of hop oils etc, removing them from the clear part of the wort, that then get released back into the beer during fermentation?

I'm tending now to the opinion: "cold break? probably nothing to be concerned about".
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