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Isn't it crazy that after 80 odd brews, I still make mistakes! Or maybe not.

This week I made a cream ale;

4.5 kg Pilsner
0.45 kg rice

Bittered to 21 IBU's with Mt Hood @ 60 and 20 minutes.

I was aiming for 27 litres final volume, which is what I generally aim for. My system usually loses 10 litres during the brew process to grain absorption and boil off.

So this week, I started with 37 litres, as usual. The thing that went wrong was that I only lost 1`litre to grain absorption. I figure that this is because I didn't allow for the amount of water that would have been in the rice. In other words, my starting volume was more than 37 litres because of the water in the rice.

So I had 2 litres more in the kettle than I was expecting prior to the boil, I guess I should have boiled for 2 hours instead of 90 minutes, but I didn't. So I ended up with 29 litres final volume, I guess I'll need to find some more bottles when this one is ready.

But to top my day off, the wort was OG 1046. That's a whopping 87.85% efficiency!

Shit happens, mistakes are made, but some how things still work. Go figure.
"It's beer Jim, but not as we know it."

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Aye hashie, I can relate- apart from madly efficient, its very forgiving and elastic is this caper! :P
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Thanks Ralph. It is very forgiving, I fully expected to have 29 litres of weak beer. Instead I've ended up with lots of good beer, or at least I hope it's good when it's finished.

I think 'mistakes' was possibly the wrong title for the thread. Forgiving brewing might have been better?
"It's beer Jim, but not as we know it."
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