Dried Yeast Starters ?

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Why can't Dried yeast be used to make a Starter? 

I have read lots and lots of posts on multiple sites stating that you cannot use a Dried Yeast to make a Starter

Does anyone know why?

Yeast is hard to come by where I live and it would be good if I could split a packet, create a Starter and save the rest for another batch.

Why would this not work?

If you can create a Starter from a single cel and via Slants and Setups create a Starter, why not from part of a Dried Yeast pack containing millions of cells?
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Re: Dried Yeast Starters ?

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Yetiman - I haven't heard that you can't use dried yeast when making starters...if that's what you want to do. Now maybe there is some important but abstract reason you can't, but I am unaware of anything... Logic would seem to say it's okay, at least to me.
Also - do you save sloppy slurry and repitch? I do this most of the time, at least for yeast that is used fairly often. 
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Re: Dried Yeast Starters ?

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Hi there YettiMan

I have only only been brewing for about a year now. Also i have only been brewing Kit and Kilo's with the occasional extract brew. (I will be going AG in the new year. I cant wait)
But i started making yeast starters, using dry yeast quite early on. I haven't had any issues or problems with my starters what so ever. What i do is make my starter about 800ml bigger than i need, and then i harvest the additional 800ml from my starter. That way i always have a clean low OG yeast slurry to use for my next starter.
I hope this helps in a way.
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Re: Dried Yeast Starters ?

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I have never read that you ' can't ' use dry yeast in a starter. I think the general consensus is just that it is unnecessary, since a dry yeast pack has more than enough cells to ferment the standard 5 or 6 gallon batch, where as with liquid yeast the count is lower, and more variable.

In your situation I would do the same thing, especially if yeast is hard to come by. I've noticed around these parts the price of dry yeast has gone up quite a bit over the past couple years too, as well as liquid. 

When its only a couple dollars a pack and easy to acquire - a starter is more trouble and possibly $ then just buying more yeast. If that is not the case for you, I would be making starters too. Also, as long as you practice good sanitation, I believe that yeast kept from a starter is 'cleaner' and less prone to mutation than yeast re-pitched from an entire batch. Less exposure  to hops, alcohol etc...
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