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I made a Cream Ale yesterday, using rice. But I'm unsure how to put my figures into Beersmith.

For 27 litres;
Pilsner 4.5 kg
Rice 1 1/2 cups dry - 850 grams cooked.

Hallertau 50g 4.4% a/a 60 minutes
Hallertau 25g 4.4% a/a 20 minutes { I know this will be out of style - overly bitter}

1 tsp salt

US-05 Ale yeast

OG = 1046

In Beersmith the only options for inputting rice are; rice hulls and flaked rice. How do I input cooked rice (or dry)?
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Yes that's what I thought. But then I thought rice flakes have also been through some form of cooking process, be it steaming or roasting.

Just found this on google
The rice is husked, cleaned, parboiled, flattened and dried.
So I think you are right 2xc, I'll just put in the dry weight.
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"It's beer Jim, but not as we know it."

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I have to use flaked rice in my Beersmith recipes. There shouldn't be a difference, it's all just the same dry weight but a bit ambiguous if you are sending a recipe to someone. However I've been thinking of emailing him to see about putting in a choice of adjuncts "dry weight" as home brewers often do cereal mashes with "raw" rice or maize - sorry to bang on about cereal mashes but I know they are becoming popular with brewers trying to recreate old styles like Classic American Pilsners and Cream Ales like Hashie, not to mention my Headbanger Malt Liquors you get hammered on two forties yo. :argh:
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