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I just wanted to say, I'm still about and still brewing. Brewed my 8th BIAB yesterday, in the form of a Patersbier, and still getting excellent efficiency, allowing me to use less grain and get more beer into FV. The Patersbier I used 4k of Dingemans Pilsen malt, and got 23 litres of wort into the FV with an OG of 1.046. :peace: Using Maris Otter malt I get even better efficiency, as an example I brewed a golden ale with 3.6k of Maris Otter and 100g of Crystal malt, and got 21 litres into FV with an OG of 1.050.
Oh, and switching to whole hops worked a treat! No blocking during transfer, and after about a litre into the FV the wort runs clear. A bonus, I'm getting more wort out of the boiler and into the FV, losing only around 500mls to the trub. A heck of a mess left in the bottom of the boiler though, but better there than in the FV...
I've purchased a large, 300 micron, hop bag for when I really need to use pellet hops, and will make sure to still use mainly whole hops with them, in order to form a filter bed on the bazooka.
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