My First Post! - Post here to become Fully Registered

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All newly registered members are encouraged to post here provided they have fully read all articles in Essentials.

[center]My First Post! - Post here to become Fully Registered.[/center]

Now that you have ploughed through all the reading as instructed in Essentials and had a look around the site, make a post here to become a fully registered member.

Posts in this thread are individually assessed by administration so as to prevent, "spammers," and, "bots," infecting the site. Posting a few details here, especially where you are from, will enable existing site users to quickly identify with you.

If you are unsure of what to write for your first post, perhaps let us know a few or all of the following things - as much as you are comfortable with but also enough so that we are sure of your good intentions...

1. Where are you from?
2. How did you stumble across the site?
3. What you think of it so far?
4. Have you brewed at all before. If so, for how long and what method are you currently using?
5. Do you work? Are you retired or maybe you run a household?

You can even come back to the post you make here, update it from time to time and then link it in your profile to let us know more recent things that have been happening.

So, post away and we will change your status to a, "Fully Registered BIABrewer," as soon as we can.

Welcome aboard,

All newly registered members are encouraged to post here provided they have fully read all articles in Essentials.
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Hi all *waves* First post ;)

I'm an Aussie from the Bendigo area in desert Victoria.
I've been a BIAB brewer for a few years now, 75+ brews, and heard that the site was under construction from Pistolpatch @ AHB.

The site looks fantastic. What a huge volume of information to have up so early in a forum's life. This place will be a wealth of knowledge for old and new brewers alike :)

I hope I have fun here, I look forward to some great topics/discussions with other BIABers and those that are ready to give it a go.



edit; I can't believe the amount of information that is on this board, well done to the Founders of this site.
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G'day guys and gals,
I'm from Somerville Victoria on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia. I'm new to Biab but have been doing kits and extracts on and of for about 5 years( had a break when each of my 2 girls were born). I work as a fitter and turner(long hours s#!t pay :( ).The site is looking good and am keen to learn alot from it.
I am yet to do my first biab, I am just waiting on one more piece of equipment and I'll be cooking with gas :D
Cheers Wizard78 ;)
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Brewing in the bag for a few years now and lovin' it!!!

Looking forward to this site becoming a great hub of learning and support for brewers at any level. ;)
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Planning my 5th BIAB this weekend. Have been keeping an eye on this link for updates for sometime. Good to see it progressing well. :geek:
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Hello everyone!

I'm from Dubuque, Iowa in the U.S. I've been brewing for 18 years. I have mostly brewed all grain, with a few extract batches due to time constraints. I have done 3 brews in the bag so far with info gleaned from the Aussie Home Brewer site. So far, the results have been on par with my previous full blown all grain setup and I love the simplicity of BIAB. Lately I had been putting off brewing due to the pain of set up and cleaning all of my equipment.

Thanks for putting this site together, I am excited to see a forum devoted to BIAB so I can refine my skills and share knowledge.

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Hi all :P

I'm from the desert, Kalgoorlie WA!

I have a grand total of 0 (ZERO!) BIAB brews under my belt! Looks like I'll be learning a helluva lot from this site! I'm a sales rep for a valve & pump company, work 5 days a week so i have plenty of time to hone my skills in my new favorite hobby :lol:
site looks fantastic, cant wait to start filling my head with all your knowledge :D
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G'day brewers. I'm a fairly experienced brewer, who's only used the BIAB system. I'm not sure I would have started AG brewing were it not for PistolPatch and BIAB. The simplificatiom of the mashing process without any loss of quality is something that will change the homebrewing scene dramatically in years to come (methinks). I'm looking forward to seeing this site become the hub of information in regards to all grain brewing.
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Lloydie in the post above actually lives in the same city as me :).

I brewed kits, unsuccessfully, and gave up on them three times. (Unfortunately, I never had access to Fresh Wort Kits.) I reckon tinned kit beers are the hardest beers to brew and brewers like Lloyd above really annoyed me because he was a brewer who could pull a kit beer off to a good level and occasionally a truly spectacular level.

About 5 years ago I got to know some all-grain brewers through my regional forum (AHB). I loved the certainty of all-grain and started traditional brewing using the batch-sparging method. BIAB came along a little while later and this method has now enabled me to brew in ways that were not possible before.

I now have two kettles and am lucky to have a brewer like Lloyd living close by as we often brew two double-batches of beer at the same time which allows us to do four different experiments in a single brew day!

I also write a tad too much for forums :).

If you have found the above or anything else of value on, consider supporting us by getting some BIPs!
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Ralph here, I've been soaking grain a few months now, its really fun and I love it. My interests are camping, hockey, socialising, movies and romantic candle- kit dinners with a nightcap beside the fire afterwards. ;)
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My name is Matt. I brewed kits for many, many years and in 2009 decided to give all grain brewing a try. I searched around for many months on the forums trying to work out the best way for me to get into all grain brewing that would fit with my lifestyle.

I needed to brew in a fairly small area, with kids around, and with a fairly cheap setup. In the end, I followed a number of other brewers who were getting into BIAB using an electric urn as the brewing vessel, as it fit the bill in all departments.

I began to make great beer, but had some issues getting consistent results as far as gravity and volumes were concerned. It was then that Pat and Bribie gave me some great input as to how to measure efficiency properly, and from there on in I was able to get consistent results.

I now have over 40 brews under my belt, and have made many types of beers in Jamil's book. I love the simplicity of BIAB, the shorter brewday and cleanup. Combined with no chill cubing, I am able to brew when it suits me, and ferment when it suits also, which works well with my busy life!

I really see no need for me to ever change my brewing style now, as I can brew 2 single batches in a single session if I really need to get lots of beer made, seeing that making single batches is the only restriction I have with my setup.



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Hi from Central WIsconsin USA. I started all grain brewing 5 years ago. I have been doing BIAB (with No Chill) for over a year now. 30 or so brews in the first and only bag. I am lovin' it.
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Hi All,

My name is Chris and I live in Alexandra Hills ( east of Brisbane - but not quite in Moreton Bay....haha )Queensland.

I have been brewing off & on for over 20 years now.....I don't bottle...just keg (cornies).
I am in the process of converting a 431 litre ice cream freezer into a keg fridge....will hold 8 cornies plus a couple of cubes. I will then retire my smaller chest freezer in to a controlled temperature fermentation fridge. I have been slowly been putting together an AG set up for the last year consisting of 3 x 50 litre vessels on a 3 tier stand incorporating 2 Rambo burners and 3 mashmaster temp there slowly. Just need to get a March Pump, a Grinder and some grain and I am away ( no rush though ). Have not done a BIAB as yet but have read a lot about it from the AHB really all I need to get started in BIAB is a bag and some grain......geez.....what am I waiting for? :P

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Hi All from the Yarra Valley, Melbourne Vic.

Would not have moved from extract to All grain if I had not read about BIAB in an article in BYO magazine. Completed 3 BIAB brews, getting ready for next brew now.

Big thanks to Pat & Co for all the information available to help beginners into BIAB. I think there is going to be a big shift in home brewers from extract to BIAB over the next few years.

I will be helping to spread the BIAB word.


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Hi, Beachbum here, I'm also on a couple of other brew forums as Bribie or BribieG as I live on Bribie Island, Queensland so you may run into me around the traps. I'm into my second year of BIAB and when I went AG I never even considered 3 vessel brewing as I know that BIAB can give great results, is cheaper to get into and is less messing around. I'm looking forward to this forum getting some critical mass and a regular membership - which is going to happen because BIAB's time has come :twisted:

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Hi my name is Mal, I am from Shelly beach on the NSW central coast.
I started BIABing about 2 years ago after reading all the info on AHB from Pat and others, and thought I’m going to give this ago, only ever used an urn and never looked back since. Before that, I got a half used Coopers kit and did about 10 kit brews, and haven’t done one since.
It has been a very interesting journey and if it wasn’t for all the people and there input on these forums I wouldn’t know about BIAB. It has been a great experience.
So I think the time and effort that has and will be going into this site will be very rewarding and a great experience for everyone who gets involved.


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hi another biaber over from the ahb site. been biabing for around 50 or so brews now and loving it. never stop learning so will be watching this site with great interest.

cheers dwayne

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Hi. I live in Baxter, vic. That's not the detention centre baxter. I've been brewing about 6 months, and have done 3 BIABs - all taste brilliant.

I work in overseas aid & development, so travel heaps. Have to plan my beers around my travel. I'm terrified i'll come home and someone will have switched my fermenter fridge off...


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G'day, my name is Dick and I live at Glenning Valley on the NSW central coast. I was brewing half-arsed beers with kits and bits for quite a few years and I never thought that I would take it any further than that until I came across AHB and saw how easy BIAB was. Now I BIAB using an electric urn and then no-chill. How easy! And the results are far better than anything I did before.

So huge thanks go to guys like PistolPatch who have spent so much time educating others about how it's done. I am hoping that I can repay this by contributing and helping others through this forum. This site looks great and there is already a lot of good information.

I have a background in chemistry but now I work in a technical role within the paper industry.


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Steve from Freo,
I was lucky enough to see Patch, LLoydie and Katie in action on "Australia's biggest Brewday" last year and was inspired to give BIAB a go (I would never have set up a 3 vessel system).

I have now done 5 AG brews, all successful, I love the "I made it all myself and I know what's in there because I put it in there" feeling.

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Hey all my name is brad i´m from kurrajong in the blue mountains but right now i`m living in malaga in the south of spain. There is a brew shop about 500 kms away i haven`t made the trip yet i wonder if ross will post me some stuff. i was starting to collect stuff for the move to 3V all grain in oz but here i`ll be going low equipment BIAB is the way.

good to have a biab only resource

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Hello everyone! I live in Richmond, Va USA. I've been brewing for about 4 years now and doing BIAB for about a year. I discovered the process from a BYO article and got more info from a basic brewing podcast as well a from a post on the brewing network forum. I love the technique! Glad to be part of this forum and I'm looking forward to all the knowledge I'm sure I will find here.

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