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I'm from Auckland, NZ. Been extract brewing for about 6 months but pretty keen to get into AG brewing. Got Palmer's book but it all seems like a big jump. So when I found this site via, thought I would give it a look.

It's also heartening to hear seemingly paradoxical comments about AG brewing being a more reliable method of achieving quality compared with extract brewing.

- Andrew

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My name is Blake, i'm in Alabama USA. Brewed extract w/steeped grains for about 2 years until I was introduced to the BIAB method on the Free The Hops message board (I think it was just a link to another board). I've brewed about 6 or 7 BIAB batches now with each one getting better and better. Found this site from someone linking it on the brewing network BIAB thread. Glad to have it here!

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I'm Pirate Point Brewer. My wife (The Princess), and I live in Luna Pier, MI USA. This is at the extreme west shore of Lake Erie. We keep the fireplace burning all winter while we brew. Then we sail and swim all summer. When we get to the dock, we try to create a need to brew come winter!

We are currently all grain brewers. We brew small 5.5 gal batches indoors. The Princess lets me use the kitchen as long as I clean up when I'm done! We brew three basic house beers, a Blonde Ale, a Pale Ale, and an Amber Ale. Plus any special brews of current interest or for special occasions. In total we brew 32 to 38 batches each brew season. We keg and then bottle when we run out of kegs.

We use BeerSmith brewing software. We chose it because of the custom reporting capeability. We frequent the BeerSmith forum and had expressed an interest in building a small all electric brew system. A fellow brewer, BobBrews, (now on your forum also), is a BIAB brewer. He suggested I learn this technique to simplify a system design. So here I am to learn all that I can!


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Hello everybody!

I live in central Victoria, Australia. I've just had a look over this site after having seen links a bit on the AHB forums. The guides and recipes that I've seen here look fantastic, especially for a forum in its infancy. I am really glad to read introductory posts from so many international BIAB brothers and sisters. With input from such a varied membership this site will really be able to generate heaps of great new ideas!

I have done around 10 BIAB batches since I lost hope in my 3 vessel brewing system. Assembling all the gear and mashing in a cooler MLT then transferring over to a keggle for the boil, etc was frustrating for me in the space I have. My brewing aims are to make small batches of great beer. I use a 30L urn for BIAB and in this I've made a small mild ale, a massive barley wine and a few things in between.

I no chill my beers and am happy doing this. I am waiting until I have cubed up a couple of lagers so I can ferment them side by side (better for temp control and saving energy of fridge). While you need to tweak bitterness, flavour and aroma additions using NC, I save a fair bit of water/energy by not using chill water and/or pumps.

Looking forward to seeing heaps of pioneering BIAB-specific recipes on this forum!

I am a school teacher.

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Hi my name is Nils I`m from Gothenburg in Sweden and so far i have not tried the BIAB but i do have everything thats needed.

I found this site when i was over at
and so far this place looks really nice, well structured and it seems to have allot of good info.

I have only one brew under my belt, it was a wheat beer made with DME. It came out really good and the next logical step is of course something more complicated.

I work at one of Swedens biggest display fireworks company.


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1. Where are you from?
Decatur Tennessee USA

2. How did you stumble across the site?
Reading up on Stovetop AG brewing

3. What you think of it so far?
Tips on brewing? Whats not to like? :)

4. Have you brewed at all before. If so, for how long and what method are you currently using?
Yep, for several years now, mainly extract but have just started some partial mashes that sound very similar to the biab technique.

5. Do you work? Are you retired or maybe you run a household?
Yep, Mayfield Dairy.

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Hi, I'm from Hamilton New Zealand have been brewing on and off for a few years with kits and finaly decided to have a go at AG.

Just finished putting together an electric keggle and looking forward to my first brew day.

Found BIAB while reading Home Brew Talk, and this site from Aussie Homebrewer.

Work in a garden nursery to pay for beer.


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hi all name is jimmy from florida, U.S.
i'm new to the whole homebrew scene i brewed my first blue moon clone last sat. and already looking to progress to the biab system looks a like a little more fun and gratifing than pouring an extract out of a jar
I work for an eng. firm that as just bought out by an aussie firm last year Cardno couldnt be any happier with the new ownership
Great site glad i could find it

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Hi, all! My name is LJ and I am from Oklahoma, USA. I have been brewing kit (extract and mini mash) for a little over 2 years. I have an inconsistent brewing schedule, but I'm trying hard to make it happen more regularly. I have done "pretty extensive" research into upgrading my equipment and setup to do all-grain brewing, but BIAG seems to be the best option for time, price, and my limited storage space. I both a 8-5 and a PRN job (which partially explains my inconsistent brewing) in animal disease diagnostics and human medicine. I heard about BIAG from and and trying to find time to try out my first batch of BIAG.

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What's up fellow brewin' brothers and sisters...My name is Eric from Champaign IL, USA. I've only been brewing ~5 months now, only extract brews. Its never been my intention to stay with extract beers and I think BIAB will be a perfect solution to my small apartment brewery. I look forward to learning and hopefully passing along some info to everyone.

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My name is Joe and I live in Blue Springs, MO USA Just outside of Kansas City. I think this site is a great idea.

I've brewed over 30 batches with BIAB. I'm using a pump now and recirculating during the mash. Still using one vessel and direct firing.

I haven't made many converts as of yet, but I think thats most due to the fact most brewers have a lot of money wrapped up in thoer current systems. If they have it they feel compelled to use it.

I teach a homebrew class at a local Culinary Center and I have a few who have tried it from thier.

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Hi all,
My name is Jim and i live in Darwin NT. Been exract brewing for many years but iam Slowly getting my BIAB equipment together for my first grain brew. Any one else doing BIAB in my area? Keen to bulk buy some grain.


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Hello All I am located in Redding ca. Been brewing for about a year now,mostly extract and partial mashes .I have been looking into all grain to reduce cost and open up more possibilities
for that truly exceptional beer .I stumbled across this site researching all grain methods cant wait to try this one out cabrewer

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Scruffy here. Bout time I posted.
BIAB since I came to Aus 18 months ago - works out at 1.5 brews a month - so I either have one or two thirsty friends or a drink problem...
60 and 80 litre stock pots, no posh bags just sheets of voile pegged to the rim for the mash.
House brews are invariably variants of IIPA's. Though I make a nice Mozzarella in the 60 occasionally.
Currently brewing a Korbinier clone, an Aussie Lager for a curry night I'm hosting and another IIPA (Golden Promise to 1090... Cascade, Nelson and Amarillo, 1882...)

A have a recurring issue which I'll post about when registered... (it's beer related, before you ask!)

Bye for now!

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Hello all im from Perth, Australia

Currently studying science at uni, just getting into BIAB brews after doing extract kits for a few years.

Hoping to get some helpful information off the site!

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1. Where are you from?
Auckland NZ

2. How did you stumble across the site?
ReaL Beer NZ link in the library.

3. What you think of it so far?
Awesome knowledge base.

4. Have you brewed at all before. If so, for how long and what method are you currently using?
Been brewing pretty frequently for the last 4 months - 9 batches using kits so far. Have started speciallity grain steeping - looking at BIAB as the next step in the advancement of my brewing empire.

5. Do you work? Are you retired or maybe you run a household?
Yip - need to eat. Work as an Electrical Engineer (Facilities Manager)

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Hi everyone,

Been brewing for 6 months, started with extracts and moved onto partial extracts. Just got a MLT kettle from a fellow and when I asked him if I really could use it for both my mash tun and brew kettle, he told me to look up "brew in a bag" and let it blow my mind. LOL. So, here I am. Going to give biab a try. Oh, and I'm retired, live in Texas.

Cheers y'all!

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G'day guys :)

Great site Pat! Well done ;)

Im from Sydney, Australia. Have been BIAB brewing in an electric urn for about the past 9 months. I am currently in the process of building what I call "The Urninator" - it's a semi-automatic mash paddle and temperature controller. I will post everything up here as soon as im done, which should hopefully be this week!


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Hi All

Originally from New Zealand but I (like many other Kiwis) now live in Sydney Australia. I've been doing Kits & Bits and extract brews for a couple of years now. I'm about to head into BIAB using an Urn very shortly so I'm gathering up all the info and equipment required.

Can't Wait!!! :cool:


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Hi Guys i have been brewing for the last 2 years or so, I used to brew using a 3 vessel system but after a long break i thought id go the BIAB route.

Oh by the way im from perth.


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