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Hi North_of_60, sorry I somehow missed your intro post, welcome to the board! Hows the winter up there? Must be an interesting and beautiful experience flying around those parts. Closest I ever came to Alaska was at the start of the "Alaska Highway" in Dawson Creek British Columbia, (or maybe Ft St John BC, can't remember if its the same HWY) when I was working in Northern AB. Anyway, hope you find all the info you need here, if not just ask! Happy Brewing and stay warm!

And welcome aboard to you as well Rigerator, glad you are finding the site informative so far, Ive been kicking around here for a year or so and still learn new things daily from this site. Good luck on your first BIAB, I bet you never go back to extract! Happy Brewing!
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Hey everyone, I am registering to take part in this amazing forum. I have had a 4-5 year brewing hiatus after getting married, building and moving house, kids, working like a slave and so on! I have already done a couple of K&K brews to get the ball rolling and got a new keg fridge. Feels great to be back into it!

I have 6kg of grain sitting on the kitchen bench, 200g of hops in the fridge and trying to build up motivation to brew - its 29C outside (34C in Adelaide right now) and we're going for a top of 39C today, can't wait to sit out in the shed sweating it out doing a BIAB! I was going to start earlier but I am the master of procrastination!

I've known of this forum for a while, and came back to it to check some of my numbers and calculations for my brew. I just can't get over home much information there is now for homebrewers on the net, I started on the AHB forum and that has grown massively and this site is out of this world for BIAB information.

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Hello Brewers,
I live on the south coast of England in a small town called Bournemouth.
I learned about this web site a long time ago, I can't remember how I came across it.
What a great site. So much information!
I've only brewed kits before now. I've been drinking these kits for about 7 years and finally have got fed up with them. I've never bottled any beer. I started with a kegorator with corni kegs right from the begining.
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Welcome to the show Jim and Philip :salute:,

Great to see you guys posting on the board and getting ready to brew your first all-grain. You've bothrread enough here to know that all you need to do is post to get any help you need.

If you don't need any help, hopefully we'll still hear how your first batch went.

If you have found the above or anything else of value on, consider supporting us by getting some BIPs!
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I'm Handi. I've brewed about 4 Extract Beers. I'm Disabled and in A wheelchair for over 30 Years now.

I have a Starter Kit my ole lady bought me about that time. It did not include a Brew Kettle, so I have to make due with what I've got laying around the house.

I have a 20qt Kettle I use for Particial Extract Brewing. I'd like to get into Small Batch brewing because my 6 Gallon Carboy and Racking Bucket is To heavy to lift being Full of Wort.

So I'm looking to learn how to Make my OWN Small Batch Recipes to brew up to 2.5 Gallons of Beer. I have all the Essentials for brewing and I'm adding on ever so slightly, of course the lower Priced items first.

Anyway, I wanted to Post to introduce myself and my Beginning Brewing Endever. I'm Looking into the BIAB Method as well for All-Grain Batches, of Course Small Batch Brewing.
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Hi everyone im from central west NSW Australia.

I have been a kit brewer for many years but gave it away about 3 years ago.

I have been thinking about the leap to grain brewing and BIAB appeals to me but I don't feel too confident so have joined this forum to do some research on equipment, methods etc.

Hope to get the confidence soon to give it a go.



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Another couple of great first posts :thumbs:,

Handi: you might be our first member in a wheelchair! Small batch brewing has a lot of advantages to it when it comes to quality and education. There's also some disadvantages to it. Regardless, BIAB is perfect for small batch brewing. Here's a couple of links to get you thinking.


There'll be some more info buried away but there is no single "go-to" thread on this subject so don't hesitate to start a new thread called something like, "how should I go about small batch brewing?"

psb (Paul): Great to hear from someone from my old haunts. I used to work on properties and/or have lots of mates from around the central west so we probably know quite a few people in common. As for the BIAB brewing, it's actually pretty simple. Do a bit of reading but not too much. Maybe watch BobBrew's video here.

After that, just post here what you want to achieve and do and we'll get you sorted quickly.

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If you have found the above or anything else of value on, consider supporting us by getting some BIPs!
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Hey everyone. I've done about a dozen extract batches over the past year and just did my first biab last week, doing my second today. Stumbled upon this site thanks to google and I'm excited to get started.

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Hello biabrewer,

First post here. Born and raised in Kansas. My buddies and I have been extract brewing for some time now and I think it's time we try our hand at all grain. BIAB seems like a great option for us. I'd like to start simple (as recommended by this site) with a SMASH brew. We have a 24 quart kettle ( 12.5 dia x 11.5 deep). Do you have a recommendation on a 3 gallon recipe? Im a big fan of pale ale, so am hoping to start with something like that. Note: I'm trying to wrap my head around the calculator, but am needing a little help getting started.

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I'm Greg and I live near Raleigh, North Carolina in the US. I'm still in my first year of brewing and really enjoying the experience. I heard about your excellent forum from both the Beersmith and the Basic Brewing podcasts. I expect to try my first biab batch in the next few weeks.


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Welcome greski and Otherapist
Take a look at this thread regarding the Biabacus. There is a tried and true recipe for an APA that can be scaled down to suit your needs.
Enjoy your stay and ask for anything you need help with.
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Hey Otherapist and welcome to the board. If you want to start simple you can grab the BIABacus that already has the NRB All Amarillo Pale Ale. All you need to do is change the kettle dimensions to match yours and change the volume into fermentor to what you desire. Its a great recipe all around and is very forgiving.

Welcome to you as well greski, you have come to the right place, grab a beer and do some reading, grab the BIABacus and give it a go. You'll be brewing great beer in no time!

Happy brewing fellas!
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Hey Folks,

John here... I live in San Diego, CA USA, and I am very new to brewing, having two batches of extract to my credit. I am looking to brew my next batch using all grain BIAB. I was busy googling for BIAB instruction when I stumbled on to this site. Tons of great info, hoping to brew some great beer!


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Jack from Brighton, England here. Did my first BIAB on Saturday, the BIABacus worked out very well in terms of volumes, I hit my target 23l of Wort and the fermenter is busy doing its stuff. Thank you!

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Hi jack, welcome aboard! Congrats on the first BIAB! Glad to see you already using the BIABacus, and that it was accurate for your first batch. Hopefully you will let us know how the beer turns out! Happy brewing!
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1. Where are you from? Central Alberta
2. How did you stumble across the site? Brewing Supply website
3. What you think of it so far? Just started reading but so far so good.
4. Have you brewed at all before? Yes but just kits...ready to go to next level
5. Do you work? Getting ready to retire and need stuff to do. I like beer so I thought....hmmmmmm

When I was young me and my buddies thought we should be making our own beer. With the crappy kits available those days and our crappy technique and attention to detail the results were less that optimal. I am hoping maturity and some extra funds to throw at proper equipment the results will be better this time around.
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Welcome. Alberta is beautiful.. Glad you stumbled across the forum. You'll find some great help here. Brewing is a great retirement hobby.. just ask me :thumbs: :clap:
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Hey folks!

1. Where are you from? St. Louis, Mo. (been living in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1999, though, currently in Santa Cruz County)
2. How did you stumble across the site? I just joined a local homebrew club and one of the guys suggested I look into BIAB as a way to get into all-grain brewing... so I just stumbled upon this site and it looked like a great resource.
3. What you think of it so far? To be honest, I'm a little (a lot!) overwhelmed. But I'm grateful for the resources, calculators, and the help of peers.
4. Have you brewed at all before? Yes -- I'll be bottling my first batch (5 gallons of amber ale, extract kit) soon and also have a small batch of Irish stout in 1-gallon jugs.
5. Do you work? Yes -- I write legal guides and articles for non-lawyers (I'm not a lawyer, though)

I'm very new to brewing and have yet to sample a finished beer. I'm currently awaiting a 5-gallon extract batch (American amber from MoreBeer!) and decided to experiment with all grain. Jumping the gun, perhaps? Yeah, maybe.

Well, I decided to do small batches (1.5 gallons split into two 1-gallon jugs, so there's room for the krausen) until I get the hang of it and started with a dry Irish stout. Well, I used too much water and ended up with nearly 2 gallons of seemingly watery wort. I didn't have any DME on hand, so I just poured it into the jugs, pitched the yeast, and added blow-off tubes.

The starting gravity was only 1.030. I know Irish stouts are generally lower in gravity, but that's ridiculous. I think the session went well in that I learned a lot and took notes on areas that need improvement -- plus I'm happy I started out with a small batch. But I'm wondering if it's even worth saving -- it had a relatively "light" fermentation and looks healthy enough, but will it even be drinkable? I'm fine with low ABV as long as it's drinkable.

The reason I'm asking is that I'd like to move on to a small batch of pale ale (Schlafly clone) but need the equipment (1-gallon jugs, airlocks, etc.) and don't want to invest so much time and care into something I'll pour out.

Anyone have experience seeing a beer through to completion that had a very low starting gravity?

BTW, I mashed for 90 minutes at the proper temperature, stirred every 20 minutes, and double-crushed the grain myself.



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Been brewing for far too many years , started at 15 making wine from Kits and still fermenting nicely at 58.
Only recently tried BIAB and just completed my 3rd and 4th batch 2 days ago an IPA and a Stout.

First 2 attempts are drinkable and I can see improvements even after the first batch.

Good Brewing - Toyoda.

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