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Hi all,

Posting from Wellington, New Zealand. Brewed before but now living far away from mates that I usually brew with and keen to start my own BIAB journey.

Congratulations on a fantastic site!


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I'm Ian from Dorset UK.
I first looked at this site 2 years ago when I started brewing again after a gap of 30 years and was looking for information about BIAB. I didn't announce myself then but here goes...
I've now brewed 42 x 5 UK gallon batches of beer using BIAB, a 40 litre Buffalo boiler with home produced hop filter and copper cooling coil. I generally brew light coloured session beers (3.8-4.2%) with various citrus-y USA hops and use King Kegs for maturing and storing the beer. (OK much of it doesn't last the full maturation period due to testing....)

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Hello Matt, and welcome to the site!

Sounds like a good excuse to do BIAB. :drink:

Let us know if you have any questions on anything, and for certain - share your experiences...let us know how it goes.
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Hey Ian, welcome to the forum. Let us know if any questions. Certainly can understand good home brew having a hard time making it to full maturation point... :drink: Cheers, Scott.
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I'm Domenico from Italy!
I'm currently ultimating my 50 L pot with rims tube equipment..and I'm looking forward to brew for the first time!
Great site to learn/find informations...I hope I will use all your skills! :)

Thank you!!
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Hey Micon here,
I'm in Melbourne (nth side)and think I found this site through the AHB site.
Site looks great and I cant wait to test out the BIABacus tool.
I've been an extract brewer, then special grains and hops and partials on the stove for many years.
Finally lashed out for a nice 40L kettle and started BIAB beers and now trying the 'no chill' method.
Growing my own hops too.
Favourite beers are generally Pale Ales and Porters.
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Domenico and a Micon, welcome to the website.

Domenico - isn't a RIMS system a more complicated 3-vessel recirculating mash system? The "tech guy" in me would say "cool"...but the practical, overworked side would love the BIAB process and feel you can make just as good of beer with the simpler process. Give it a try, and if your RIMS system is finished do some side-by-sides to compare. Would be interesting to see and hear. And best of luck...

Micon - looks like you are on your way. Good job on downloading the BIABscus tool. Let us know how it goes!
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Hi everyone :thumbs:

New to this site and fairly new to home brewing. I have only used extracts so far but I have a converted tea urn/masher/boiler and just finished my immersion chiller so I'm hopefully well on the way.

I found this forum while searching biab stuff and it all looks good and I hope I can learn everything I need all in one place (here!).

I'm from London UK but now living in northern England.

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Hey Madonion,

I think you found the right website... Sometimes you have to do some searching to find everything you need, but it is all here - guaranteed!

For sure download the BIABacus; an Excel based spreadsheet. And there are plenty of other tips and tidbits... Check out the different sections, lots of info there - tons of questions asked by others, and let us know if there are any unanswered questions.

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I'm from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (heart-shaped land in Balkans) and I'm trying to start with my brewing experience.
Brewed one batch (technically helped the guy with BIAB and was responsible for fermentation process) and was not fully satisfied
in the end - I think I had some oxidation problems (could be from moving the fermentor prior to bottling or weak swing-top bottle caps).

Wanted to try with the traditional approach, but since I found out that it is not a necessity for a good beer and I want
to keep things simple (at least while I'm beginner), I can't wait to kick-start the campaign :)

I want to fully understand how to scale recipes and brew some APA, IPA but Porters and Stouts as well.
Oh, Belgian styles are also very attractive :)


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Hello Pyanchev and welcome to the forum!

I can attest that you can make fabulous beer with BIAB. Everything does have a process...

The BIABacus spreadsheet is great and makes scaling a recipe very easy. Also helps plan your brew day, etc.

Let us know if there are any questions!
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afternoon folks, stumbled across this forum while researching BIAB. I'm out in darkest Wiltshire, UK and after a 20 year gap have got back into homebrewing through a fairly successful woodford wherry can brew. Since I've been loaned a 20 litre buffalo heater I thought the next logical step is to take it up a level and try BIAB... I'm looking for some decent 16-20 litre recipes. actually, I'm looking for a reasonably foolproof one in order to try and get my confidence up. any recommendations? cheers Mick
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Hey Mick, welcome to the forum! I had a similar start to brewing, then almost 20 yr hiatus, then back to brewing and now BIAB so understand your situation well!

I would for sure download the BIABacus spreadsheet to help guide what you end up doing...if you haven't already. You'll want that later when converting recipes to your system, as well as guiding your brew day and results..

As for "what to brew", that one depends entirely upon your personal tastes... What do you like? There are recipes posted in this forum that you could check out. I would recommend the Brewing Classic Styles book. Recipes there are easy to convert using our BIABacus. If you want to see some trials and travails, you can go back and check out some of my earlier posts, converting recipes and first brews. But all mine really have turned out well, so that's a very good thing.

Oh - I might recommend doing an ale rather than lager unless you have proper temperature control. (Temp controlled fermentation chamber). Ales are faster, and because can be brewed at warmer temps a little bit easier. That still gives you a ton of leeway. Lagers can be easily done too...just brew with the seasons... I would get the BCS book and see some recipes that interest you and give one a shot. Pretty easy to make good beer with BIAB.

Let us know if any questions moving forward,
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thanks for the welcome Scott. I guess I'm after a london pride/speckled hen type bitter in the long run, but am happy to try something else first if it's more reliable (or more idiot-proof) while I get the hang of it.

I did download the BIABacus and stare at it for a while.

I'm sure it'll make sense eventually, but just wanted a recipe to get started with. most of the recipes here are for 35 litre starting volumes, and it's not altogether clear whether I can just scale down ingredients for a 20 litre start volume. I'll check out the book you recommend and see what it has to offer.
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Sounds good... EDIT - I've got a British Bitter style beer in the beer fridge right now... That should be easy and you might find an existing recipe on this forum. If not, my recipe came out of the BCS book. Did the basic Bitter for this one, not Special Bitter or Extra Special Bitter.

The BIABacus spreadsheet was a little "thick" for me, first time through... I can tell you, set up the recipe for what it calls for (for final volume), then you can easily scale to smaller if you want to do that. Of course you have to fill out Section B (Your Equipment). In that section check out the desired "Volume Into Fermenter - VIF". For me, I'm generally doing 5 gallon into the Cornelius Keg, so normally go with 5.5 gallon into fermenter (22.82 liters). If I wanted to do less, You just put that in here... If your hot water heater is only 20 liters, that's pretty small. Your VIF would have to be something like no more than 10 liters (???). But some of the guys are doing mini BIAB and batches as small as one US gallon. That should be enough for that. And if the "bug" hits you in a bigger way and you have room for it, can always scale equipment up later.

As a note - I haven't done this yet - but the BIABacus file allows you to "withhold water", so make a thicker concentration of mash and basically add more water in at the end (like most of us did with extract...except the wort would be made with BIAB - should be better). That is done in Section W. But if this seems a bit difficult or confusing for now, don't do it... Can always try it later.

If any confusion on things, can post your preliminary / filled out BIABacus in the beginner section. There are a lot of very sharp and helpful guys that use this site, and they can help out and reduce the chance of you having problems.
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Hello to everyone!
My name is Aleš, I'm from Slovenia (Europe). I have been lurking on this and other forums for a few months now, preparing to brew my first beer. I have never brewed a beer before (only a couple of sodas and a hard lemonade so far) and after some research it seems the (mini) BIAB is the perfect technique for me.

I have also done a few arduino projects recently, so I can easily see myself putting together an electric BIAB setup in the future.

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Welcome Aleš! My all time favorite hops are Slovenain: Styrian Goldings. Have a look around and please do ask questions

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Thanks Joshua,

First BIAB brew day today. Will be using a Brewer's Best 5 Gal. American Pale Ale BIAB kit. Will be interested to see how their schedule matches calculator or BIABacus results.


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Hello Buclot, and welcome to the forum! There is lots of info available on this site so feel free to paruse. And please ask if there are questions.
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Gday BIABers

Rusty from West OZ. Ive been KnK on and off for years and more recently (12months) extract with specialty grain. A mortgage, two kids and a wife has driven me to take my hobby more serious. I'm a dual traded ex chef now Sparky.
I keg and temp control my ferment though have now outgrown the limits of extract.
I am currently building my 40l Crown Urn BIAB brewery and have a few questions.

Thanks for your time.


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