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A hearty welcome to both J Hurdon and Wolfman101.
Having extracts in your rear view mirror means that there is a road ahead to better beers. Temperature control is a significant factor in mashing and fermenting along with the consistency of a rolling boil plus storage conditions when packaged - it is always at play along with time. There's lots to read about thermometers in a couple of topics on this forum.
Try out the BIABacus, ask questions if you have them (post your BIABacus file for comments). You will learn a lot here.
Great beers ahead.

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alanframe wrote:Hi All

After much reading of this site I'm Planning my first BIAB Brew for the weekend. I've got A few kit brews under my belt but couldn't resist moving on to all grain.
I did the same thing, only not as many kits as you. BIAB is definitely a great all grain system, and the help offered by many people on this site is terrific.

Be sure to post your recipe before and after your first brew - the comments and suggestions are very helpful and informative for those of us new to brewing
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Hi Everybody!

Loving this site! Just bottled my second BIAB today, while drinking my first, and looking forward to bottling my third next week. All thanks to the awesome knowledge in these forums!

I started brewing 20 years ago, took about 15 years off, then six months ago picked it up again with a vengeance. I had only ever done partial extract brews and decided that I wanted to 'step-up' my game so I bought a nice outdoor burner and 10 gallon kettle and went to town. My first 'recent' batches were full-boil extract kits that turned out great, but I was itching to get into all-grain when I stumbled across this site. BIAB seemed a LOT easier to get into so I went for it. I can't believe how good it's turned out!

If there are any folks reading this, sitting on the fence over BIAB, I say go for it! I'm convinced!

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Hi guys,

I have recently started brewing again ( been away for about 20 years) and started again using kits. I am really keen to get into all grain and recently listened to the Beer Smith podcast, BIAB down under.

Anyway keen to learn more and potentially take the next step into all grain.

Cheers Ed
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Ed and Wekslap, you'll be glad you found this group. There are lots of very knowledgable brewers here, all enjoy sharing their knowledge of all grain, and especially BIAB. It gets addictive after a short while
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Hello John, and welcome to the forum!

The BIABacus file (free download from this website) is a huge help for you in getting more consistent results. It isn't going to be perfect...but just a lot more consistent and helps minimize differences! That was a goal of mine as well. You will want to download the terminologies page as well if you haven't.

For High Confidence Recipes, I would recommend the BCS book (Brewing Classic Styles). If you have that, we can explain how to set up your BIABacus file so that you can correctly copy the recipe.

Let us know if there are any questions or ways we can help. :luck:
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Hi All.

First post and I am excited continue my brewing adventures. I'm excited to start BIAB and have heard nothing but great things about this site and the BIABacus. Can't wait to make great beers with you all.


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Welcome Scott. Nice to hear of the great reviews. Settle in and take a look around. When you dive into the biabacus post up your first recipe and we can sort it out for you

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Hello all, been viewing this site but never registered. From North East UK.
Done a few kits brews, and turbo ciders, wow wines and only one biab which is carbing as we speak.

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Hi everyone,
Looking forward to getting my first Brew on. Got a 40l aluminium pot on order and various over essentials.
Now a tough one...what to brew first.....
Cheers Nick

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Wekslap wrote:New to all grain. Live in the UK. Excited to find your site.
I'm not that far away - in Sunny Essex. Welcome.
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Welcome to the club Hoptoit, Riggah, and Nbarrell! Come on in, grab yourselves a cold one, look around, and start contributing to the community.

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Hi I'm Richard

I'm from the UK and have on and off done brewing with kits straight from the store, so just needed my fermenter and barrel (and some bottles when I need to make more before the barrel is gone).

My brother has started his experiments into all grain brewing and has been making 1 gallon batches on the stove top, he has started expanding his kit and is into the full sparge technique, he came down with some of his kit and we made our first all grain brew together which I am now drinking and it is so much better than the kits so I am now sold.

I have been researching a lot, on a budget and limited space and like the look of BIAB as I don't have a big hob, much space to store all the 3 step equipment and what I have read here and on other forums has shown the final product from BIAB is just as good as the other methods. The BIABacus and the posts on using it have been most interesting already thanks.

So I am researching a setup for making some BIAB and have stumbled across in my price range a 32L PECO boiler with bag and wort chiller for £100. Has anyone got any thoughts on this for a starter - I am looking at making up to 30 bottles or filling my 23L Barrel about 15-16L as I won't get through any more. The bonus is a local homebrew shop has moved into the town next to me so won't be short of supplies to make the beer!

Hope to see you on here as I get to grips with everything

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First ever brew being tested. I'm well chuffed - this is a cheap and cheerful pale ale that's turned out to be fruity and easy to drink, with 5% ABV.
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Well..I'm hiphoria and my 5 gallon economy brew pot is tearing.
We have two 5 gallon corny kegs and I want to buy a new brew pot and make or buy a bag and start making 10 gallon batches. My next batch is #64. I've been brewing with my buddy PM with some exceptional success and some not so. We have always bottled so now we are converting to kegs, BIAB and bigger batches utilizing new equipment.
I'm trying to decide what pot to buy, and if 10 gallon kegged batches in BIAB are feasible up to 1.090 OG. I'm thinking 20 gallon pot with thermo and valve and a huge well made bag with a pulley. Is that feasible?? :?:
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Hiphoria, I brew 6 gallon batches @ around 1.060 and my mash volume usually exceeds 10 gallons. Try entering your recipe in the BIABACUS. It will show the volumes required. I use 2 simple grain steeping bags because one began to part at the seam, rope, $2.00 pulley, and a 50 lb. weight. has good examples. Many contributors on the site make their own. Using this site and internet searches will help you find what you need.
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Hello everyone. My name is Carlos and I live in the Canary Islands. I'm a beer lover rookie . I just made ​​a batch of 8 liters by extract and has not gone very well , but I'm excited about making my own beer and learn every day. Greetings to all.

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Welcome cascaniov! Now that you've got an extract batch under your belt you are ready to step up to all grain with BIAB. Have a poke around and get cracking on that next batch.

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Hey Robertz64

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to try the BIABiacus, if I can figure it out :headhit:
I just kegged batch #63. My first kegging..What an improvement over botteling!! :thumbs: I call it Hopzilla IIPA with ^^^Citra..yum! Tastes great green. 1.078 OG, 8.1% ABV and 94.3 IBU, 9.1 SRM. Sitting with 30 lbs CO2 at 74 degrees, will sample it in 2 weeks at about 48 degrees. This is my third batch of Hopzilla, the second was not as good as the first, I'm thinking we might hit it this time :drink:
In my first post I failed to mention I'm in Jupiter Florida
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