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When I was growing up, I often heard the phrase, "And, it only has x moving parts!!!"

I think, in brewing, we need to re-member (make whole) this most basic of principles. We have done it with BIAB (three vessels 're-membered' into one) but BIAB is just another method of making sweet liquor. There is much more to brewing.

Adding moving parts is often admired because it looks good and it looks sophisticated and it looks like fun. I have no problem with that at all. In fact, I love stuff like that! But, only if it actually works and saves you time. Guess what though? Often it doesn't work and nearly always, it will cost you more time down the track than it saves you initially.

I have here, in my apartment, probably well over twenty used and un-used ball-valves, several types of taps, three types of syphons plus a few pumps. In this thread, I want to write a little about what I have learned over the years. It will be stuff you won't read elsewhere but it needs to be written over a few posts so it needs to be a series*. In this first post though, I'd ask you, before buying something, to think on the following...

Q1. How much will the mechanism cost to buy?
Q2. How much labour time will the mechanism cost to set up?
Q3. Do you think it will it save you money?
Q4. Do you think it will save you time?
Q5. Do you think it will give you a better beer?
Q6. Have you ever read anything that proves 3, 4, or 5 above?
Q7. Have you ever read anything negative about any of the components I have listed in the thread title?

For now, if you are thinking of buying some expensive piece of equipment, hold on or start a new thread on it. In the next post of this series, I'll pull apart, in detail, one very popular component that many brewers aspire to.


*ADMINNOTE: This is a trial of a "Series" thread. This thread will remain locked until the original author asks us to open it.
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