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Obviously, there is a LOT of art going on here. I live in some of the best wine country in the world. The grapes are different each year.. but, a great winemaker can somehow seem to make that same label each year taste like the year before. Sure, s/he followed a recipe.. but, the modifications that happen each time is their Robust Process. I believe it is the same with making beer. I live next to the town that has arguably the "Best Beer in the World" Russian River's Pliny the Elder.. I don't know why it's not Pliny the Younger as, IMO, it is always better. Be that it may, Hops are different each year as are the grains used to make that beer. What has the Brewmaster to do with all this. Does s/he simply follow a recipe to see what happens? I don't think so.. there is a Robust Process that is followed that creates a work of art each time.
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Here's a question, not to derail this thread, but....since the thread addressed VIF, KFL and the like...what is the actual meaning of KFL? Does this include Trube as well as the beer you can't quite get to transfer? What I mean is, I ferment in a conical. I know that my conical has a "dead space" of 1100ml below the lowest point of the raking cane. I've listed this as my 'modified' FPL in BIABacus...but that included both trube and a little bit of beer. Is this correct?
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My understanding is that it is everything that doesn't go into the fermenter. Some brewers pour everything into the fermenter, trub included. That being.. there is no loss. If I am correct, VAW would equal VIF and KFL would be calculated as it's something you can't change to my knowledge. Going beyond that.. When you rack your beer into a bottling bucket or directly into kegs, there will be some loss in your fermenter (trub and dead space so to speak). That VIP would also include, if you want accuracy, hydrometer samples, which wouldn't likely be much more than 100-150ml) and any trub and beer left in the fermenter.. all measured. They are all good data points to help build your profile for later brew.

That's my understanding. I'll likely get corrected. If I don't open my mouth like above, I won't learn some of the little bits of information I may be wrongly floating around in my grey matter. Dang, Davis, we are almost neighbors :)
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Nice beerfest her on Saturday.. probably about 25-30 breweries.. OR, CA, maybe WY and WA.. others? Don't know yet. I'll be pouring for someone.. but, not the brewery I work at.. :)
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Rigging65 - have a look here.
This should explain it all.
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Re: A perfect example of a low integrity recipe.

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What a great thread.
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I agree that to much art is taking place in the home brew community, but then I cannot tell someone how to brew their beer.
But I have tried recipes before and was totally frustrated by the lack of information or the ponderousness of bad information in them.

I see sentences like this, "pour in 2 gallons of RO water to soften your water". OK soften it to what level? and pour it into how much water?

Thanks for the post
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