1st BIAB. Is it already ruined?

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Hi guys, I'm pretty new to brewing and have done 2 'kit and kilos'. After steeping and dry hopping, I thought I would try to use grains and extract, and do a mini mash biab, following this recipe:
http://www.cellardweller.net/index.php/ ... ini-mash-2

What happened is that I performed the mash at a too high temperature for half of it. I used a digital thermometer but due to placement and lack of stirring, I think it may have been 10 degrees higher than required for anywhere between 5-35mins. I know that this may have released the tannins but I don't know what I'm looking for in taste.

As soon as I discovered the temps were high, I dropped it back down to 65.5

Is it worth bottling?

Thanks. This has been a good learning experience, but I only have room for one fermenter in the fermenting fridge.

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I dont think it would be ruined. It will most likely not be as high a gravity to start with and will end up with less alcohol than intended. Off the top of my head id be thinking of holding back a few litres wort adding more extract and top up to nominated ferment volume and ferment.
Always ferment it out. See how it goes and always learning.

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Thanks. The temperature correct SG after mash and sparge (before boil) was 1031. But I don't even know what I was aiming for, I'm not up to that stage of understanding yet. Also with all the late additions of DME, it complicates things far beyond my target gravity expectations :)

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Sorry I didn't get see your message until later. I have pitched the yeast. There is a lot of sediments in my fermenter! I strained the wort and I thought I caught most of it. Maybe I need to rack to secondary (read: buy a secondary)

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Wouldn't bother personally. I have spare fermenters but only ever use the primary.
If you can cool the beer to 0-4 deg c when fermentation is finished. That will drop all the sedimentation out of suspension.
If nothing else you'll probably end up with a nice light beer.
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