First brew later today, double checking biabacus

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So I am getting ready to do my first brew later this afternoon!  Pretty excited.  :)  I'm doing the Amarillo ipa that biabacus comes prepopulated with for my first attempt.  I just wanted to post the file to make sure everything is filled out right.

The one question I have, it looks like my VAW is slightly larger (24.5l) then the original recipe ( 23l ), but the grain bill is smaller.  I would have thought it would be slightly larger?  Just want to be sure this isn't something I have filled out wrong.

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Re: First brew later today, double checking biabacus

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Hi Garvin, the original recipe file is actually setup for 23 L into fermenter. Since you have changed that to 21 L your grain bill will be slightly less. 

Your estimated volume of ambient wort is calculated by the estimated volume at flameout minus volume loss due to temperature change. 

Perhaps the field above the hops section has you a bit confused where it says 'I am copying recipe from an external source'. This is related to the IBU calculation only, since the original biabacus file was copied from an external source with a VAW of 23L... 

Other than that file looks good to me. Try and fill out sections L and M as you brew, this will help you know what to expect from your equipment...

Good luck on the brew!
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Re: First brew later today, double checking biabacus

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thanks, the field above the hop schedule was what I was looking at.

So went pretty darn good for a first attempt I think.  smoother then expected.  I had a moment of panic with the the fist gravity reading until I remembered about temp correction.  After doing that I hit 1.040 pre boil.  I was at approx 8.8g compared to the 9.5 that I should have had according to headspace on the calculator.  After boil I hit the 1.058 on the button, and had 5.5g into the fermentor.

I have learned that our gas stove will barely do this.  the pot is big enough it covers two burners so I though it would be ok, but it took over an hour to heat the water to 67, and another hour or so for it to boil.  The added 3 hours watching water heat made for a longer day then expected. all in it took about 7 hours, still pretty happy with that for a first time.  Another 3 -4 weeks and I should be good to do this outside.
Not sure what its like where eveyone else is, but its a balmy -11'c here today.  :)  On the plus side, I managed to chill the wort to 18' from boil in about 20 min with tap water  

A big thank you to the creators of biabacus and everyone who has helped me so far here.  Ill probaby have some recipes Ill be asking for checks with coming up. 


Re: First brew later today, double checking biabacus

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:salute: Way to go, Garvin. A successful brew day is good, no matter how long it takes. 
There are options to choose from to get a more powerful heat source. What works for you is up to your particular circumstances regarding space and expense. I brew outdoors with propane but not at -11 ºC, it has to be in the positive numbers for me. 
Congratulations, now you get to wait for beer - my least favorite part.

Re: First brew later today, double checking biabacus

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goulaigan wrote:I'm brewing outside right now and it's -10, feels like -16 with the windchill... no problem  :thumbs:

It's when you get down below -25 that you run into problems, propane doesn't like to turn to gas as well...

Congrats on what sounds like a very smooth first brewday!
Ok, lol.  I almost feel slightly embarrassed right now to be Canadian and not brewing outside.   :think:
To make it even worse I think goulaigan is a fair bit farther north then me.   I'm around Peterborough.  I'll do us more proud next winter. 
Things are still progressing nicely. I picked up 7g fermenters thinking that would be good for 5.5g batches without blowoff hoses.  It was ok for the first day, but woke up this morning to a big mess in the fridge.  That would put it at about 18 hours.  It's  quite active. :)  so there is now a blowoff hose that is working nicely. 

Re: First brew later today, double checking biabacus

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Haha don't be embarrassed, some of us Canucks are crazier than others :) 
I am a bit more north than you, on eastern shores of Lake Superior, but I still think it's funny they call it northern Ontario here when we are clearly still in the bottom half of the province. I spent 6 years in Northern Alberta, where we would get a few weeks of -50s, that was the real North haha. 

Anyway, sounds like your batch is doing well, 7 G fermenters will be fine but yeast strain can have a lot of effect on the need for a blowoff... Let us know how it turns out!
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Re: First brew later today, double checking biabacus

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We also spent about 5 years in Alberta doing renovations, but avoided northern Alberta. We were in Calgary. I remember the winters well, -30 was kinda the norm for a month or two. Sounds silly, but I would take a Calgary -30 over -10 here any day. It was so dry there it wasn't to bad, but -10 here is bone chilling because of the humidity. 

So fermentation has slowed down already. Put and airlock back in and tested gravity, it's already down to 1.020.   Also had a taste, pretty nice, a bit of sweetness but suspect that will get used up over the next couple days. 
I'm following the brulosphoy ferment schedule ( sure it's not his to start with, but that's the site I first read it on ). So have removed the temp probe from the fermenter and have turned the temp up to 23 ambiant to finish for the next 4 or 5 days or until the fg stabilizes. 

Re: First brew later today, double checking biabacus

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Agreed on the dry cold vs humid cold. We were in Grande Prairie, there was no such thing as humidity there. Also once you get to -35 or so it didn't seem any different than -50, other than maybe the eyelids trying to freeze shut a little faster haha, just had to blink fast :)

As far as your schedule goes, Fg stabilizing is definitely important, but don't be afraid to give it a few extra days to let the yeasties clean up. I don't really bother to check much anymore, but I always give everything at least two weeks, and sometimes more depending on OG and yeast strain... as long as your Fg is stable for a few days you're most likely good, but it certainly won't hurt to wait a couple extra days after its stable...
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