BIABacus lactose help?

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Hello :)

I’ve been using BIABacus for a while, but I’ve hit a stumbling block. This is the first recipe I’ve brewed using lactose (or any other sugars) which will get added to the boil at 15 mins.

Looking back on the forum I’ve found a very informative post from PP that said to adjust section ‘Y’ to 75% and 0% which I have done. I was hoping someone could take a quick look at my recipe to make sure it all looks okay?

I’ve also added Cocoa nibs in section ‘F’ – which will be getting added at the last 10mins of boil. Is this the right place to put it?

(I set the EBC for the lactose to 0.1% I was getting a #value when setting it to zero).

Thank you,

Windrider :thumbs:

[center]BIABacus Pre-Release 1.3T RECIPE REPORT[/center]
[center]BIAB Recipe Designer, Calculator and Scaler.[/center]
[center](Please visit for the latest version.)[/center]
[center]Mocha Stout[/center]

Recipe Overview

Brewer: Jonno
Style: Sweet Sout (16A)
Source Recipe Link:
ABV: 5.8% (assumes any priming sugar used is diluted.)

Original Gravity (OG): 1.06
IBU's (Tinseth): 30
Bitterness to Gravity Ratio: 0.5
Colour: 66.8 EBC = 33.9 SRM

Kettle Efficiency (as in EIB and EAW): 81.2 %
Efficiency into Fermentor (EIF): 73.1 %

Note: This is a Pure BIAB (Full Volume Mash)

Times and Temperatures

Mash: 90 mins at 66 C = 150.8 F
Boil: 90 min
Ferment: 14 days at 20 C = 68 F

Volumes & Gravities
(Note that VAW below is the Volume at Flame-Out (VFO) less shrinkage.)
The, "Clear Brewing Terminology," thread at

Total Water Needed (TWN): 35.29 L = 9.32 G
Volume into Boil (VIB): 31.91 L = 8.43 G @ 1.042
Volume of Ambient Wort (VAW): 23.31 L = 6.16 G @ 1.06
Volume into Fermentor (VIF): 21 L = 5.55 G @ 1.06
Volume into Packaging (VIP): 20.22 L = 5.34 G @ 1.015 assuming apparent attenuation of 75 %

The Grain Bill (Also includes extracts, sugars and adjuncts)

Note: If extracts, sugars or adjuncts are not followed by an exclamation mark, go to (needs link)

71.9% Maris Otter (5.5 EBC = 2.8 SRM) 4194 grams = 9.25 pounds
7.1% Dark Crystal Malt (240 EBC = 121.8 SRM) 415 grams = 0.92 pounds
3.2% Black Malt (1300 EBC = 659.9 SRM) 189 grams = 0.42 pounds
5% Chocolate Malt (525 EBC = 266.5 SRM) 294 grams = 0.65 pounds
4.3% Flaked Oats (2 EBC = 1 SRM) 252 grams = 0.55 pounds
8.3% Lactose (0.1 EBC = 0.1 SRM) 486 grams = 1.07 pounds! (Boiled Only)

The Hop Bill (Based on Tinseth Formula)

30 IBU East Kent Golding Pellets (5.1%AA) 59.1 grams = 2.085 ounces at 60 mins

Mash Steps

Mash Type: Pure BIAB (Full-Volume Mash): Saccharifiaction for 90 mins at 66 C = 150.8 F

Strike Water Needed (SWN): 35.99 L = 9.51 G 66.7 C = 152 F

Miscellaneous Ingredients


Chilling & Hop Management Methods

Hopsock Used: N
Whirlpool: 0 mins after boil end.
Chilling Method: Immersion Chiller (Employed 0 mins after boil end.)

Fermentation & Conditioning

Fermentation: WLP006 for 14 days at 20 C = 68 F

Secondary Used: N
Crash-Chilled: Y
Filtered: N

Serving Temp: 10.5 C = 50.9 F

Special Instructions/Notes on this Beer

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Re: BIABacus lactose help?

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Nice job WIndrider :salute:

Very short on time atm* so...

Cocoa nibs is fine there. Not too sure of the fermentability of them but the amount is so minute in comparison to the overall bill, it's totally okay in Secion F.

Excellent fix on the EBC for lactose. Nice job.

One correction: Add your Irish Moss five minutes before the end of the boil. (The 15 or 10 mins you often see is incorrect.)

And, one thing that concerns me is the discrepancy between the left and right sides of Section D. See how there is little discrepancy on the left and right of Section C? My question is why the massive discrepancy in Section D (20 grams versus 60 grams).

Check that for sure.

* I'll have more time in about 48 hours.
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Re: BIABacus lactose help?

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Thank you for the prompt reply PP – much appreciated :thumbs:

Good to hear my BIABacus file is 95% right and the lactose input was correct. My fault with Section ‘C’ carried over from a previous file in which I was using a BCS recipe :salute: Changed the amount to match the new recipe.

Hoping to enter this beer in to an upcoming BJCP competition in November. Just need to order the ingredients now :drink:
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Re: BIABacus lactose help?

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HomebrewJp wrote:
1 year ago
Please note, i am no way a advanced or Pro brewer of any kind. But i would have thought for a stout, you would mash at a higher temp.
Personally i mashed my sweet stout at 69Deg...
I normally mash my beers a little higher than 66°c – But with the additions of flaked oats and lactose which all add body. I wanted to air on the side of caution, so mashing a little lower than I normally would.

Hopefully it pays off and I get a delicious beer :thumbs:
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