I think I am ready

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Hello everyone been gathering all my kit and I think I am now ready for a test run.l am looking for good proven recipe that I can use needs to be 23 litres into the fermenter looking for an ipa or pale ale that's hop forward any suggestions

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fat watts. Here you go:
That's a link to where you can get the BIABacus already filled in with a good recipe for what you are seeking.

You can enter your own kettle dimensions and adjust the VIF. If you alter the Target IBUs you can make things more or less bitter, or you could increase late-stage hop additions to your liking. Try it out and post your BIABacus file with proposed changes for help, if you want.
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Hello thank you for the reply much appreciated.
l have found a recipe that I wish to brew but am have trouble inputting the info in the calculator. The recipe can be found here http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=31793
i am using a electric keggle with brew in the bag the measurements are 37cm wide 40cm deep
If there's anybody that could help me fill out the brew calculator it would be very helpful I am hoping to order my grain tomorrow to ensure delivery by the weekend many thanks Steve.
I forgot to add that I am looking for 25 litres into my fermenter
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Hey Fat

I agree with Shorepoint's suggestion that you use a tried and true Biabacus recipe for your first BIAB brew. The one he suggests is the one I (and many others) started out with, with good reason: it's already filled out (modify for your kettle size and desired VIF) , there's a methodology to follow, and it has proven integrity (read this http://biabrewer.info/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2647 ).

Also, read and modify " The Checklist" http://biabrewer.info/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=188 - this has been an invaluable tool for me

If the All Amarillo recipe doesn't suit your tastes, search this forum for a recipe of a beer you might like, download it and noodle around with it until you're happy with it, then post it and ask for input. Then you'll be ready to give it a go. You'll more likely be happier with the end result, and learn a lot in the process.

Good Luck, and let us know how you do!
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Re: I think I am ready

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Hello did my first all grain today and got 81.2% efficiency on it very happy.
I used beersmith in the end because it was easy to work out did an ipa clone of punk ipa which I like a lot hope it turns out ok thanks for the help
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