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Yeasty wrote:I've got a story about eggs from my Navy days..Got to go for a few pints and a curry now so you'll have to wait :lol:

One for tomorrow :thumbs:
The curry was great !! I think :sneak: We all got pretty smashed on Break back Bitter so things are a bit hazy :headhit: Great night though :drink: :party: :drink: :drink:. The pub I went to is called The Brewery Tap and is run by the guys from a local micro brewery called the Bank Top Brewery. The beer is always top class and I usually drink my way through all of them but I stuck to the same bitter last night as it was really good.
Its a proper pub with no TV and only sometimes is there music playing. Its all about the beer and conversation.

Anyway I promised you an egg story:

One night after a run ashore where we all got absolutely sh#tfaced someone thought it would be a good idea to see if anyone could stomach drinking a raw egg for a laugh. Well to cut a long story short I ended up necking 6 raw eggs at once from a pint glass. Needless to say they didn't sit well on top of all the beer and they soon made there way back up and out again :shock: the funny thing was 4 of the yolks were still intact !!


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Why is everyone talking about "Cheese"
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Yeah, effin stuf came on Sunday!! Looks like it will melt off though. Last year it came the same day and didn't leave til april. What a long winter it was, my long johns were getting quite ripe by the time I was able to change them out. Haha

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Halloween is usually the turning point for us. So far so good though, only into the 40's (F) for the time being but I know it's coming. I love the Fall and change of season, it's the next 6 months of grey that depress me. Guess I'll just have to hide out in the basement and brew until May?
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That's my plan too Todd, after a summer with only 2 brew days I am ready to roll. One week in Mexico in Nov. then 3 in South America in Feb. hopefully will get us through the tunnel, These winters get harder as we get older eh?

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This being (hopefully) the thread for everything OT, I must hereby declare that Randy Mosher is way off in both his books, Radical Brewing and Tasting Beer, when he speaks about Kalevala being the national epic of Finns and Hungarians. I have nothing against Hungary nor am I in any way fanatic about my own nationality, but Kalevala really has NOTHING to do with Hungary. It's a collection of Karelian folk poems, in Finnish, which is a Finno-Ugric language, where Mosher probably got the ideas about Hungary from. Just so I got that off my chest :)

This Welgenburger Kloster double bock is quite nice, btw...
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I did a presentation about BIAB for my local Home Brew club. They were receptive and had a few questions but there was no need for me to correct any misconceptions. Either they really listened to me or they knew nothing more than the BIAB term. Of course I steered them to this site. They are presently 3V all grain brewers except for 2 beginners using extract kits - in this, the land of steady habits, maybe 3 will give BIAB a go someday. The HB shop owner did say that they are increasingly getting BIAB pitched by their suppliers, but one piece of promo paper I saw showed a bag that looked like paint strainer material - arrgh! I passed around a sample of voile.
I know the best way to brew your own is to use what works best for you. I told them they'd been sampling my BIAB brews for months and they survived. With arched eyebrows one said he may seek more brewing options like a bag in a mash tun. I'll just keep trying to make good beer via BIAB and watch what happens.

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Good job on teaching BIAB.

In 2006 when I started brewing I did a couple of mail order extract kits. I surfed the internet to find a local club and brewing supply shop. I was lucky to find one locally. I started brewing all grain in 2007. I read about BIAB that year and have been brewing BIAB and no chill ever since. My club was mostly traditional all grain brewing with me being the odd ball with BIAB.

In 2014 most of my club is BIAB and some no chill (they paid for the immersion chiller and they wanted to use it) I am not pushing no chill but have some converts. I even got a professional brewer brewing BIAB for some pilot test beers!

November 1st (in America) is Learn to Homebrew Day. ... ebrew-day/

Keep passing the BIAB "Lifestyle" along. Someday you will be a BIAB hero!!! :salute:
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This may be my last rant on maximizing yield. I have been assimilated. I tried and tried to find a counter argument to PistolPatch's advice about extra efforts in squeezing /rinsing the pulled bag of grains for the batch size I make - see the following link for one example. ... 050#p47267

I must concede the point. In my zeal to maximise yield I might have one day found myself still squeezing the bag between two kettle lids halfway through the 90 minute boil. It is just not worth it to extract a few more milliliters for a 19 liter (VIP) brew. There is consistent guidance from PP, BobBrews, MS and others who know what they are talking about: Stop trying to make numbers, make better beer.
Next lesson?

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Shorepoints, To see an old discussion on Squeezing the last bit of wort from a bag, see....

The BIABACUS has a number about the Wort lost to the Bag, but, it is in an Equation.

Most Forums agree on 100ml per Kg grain Absorption, I Squeeze, and have been able to recover additional 50-60 ml/kg from a drip dried Bag.
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Exactly! If there's 7 kg of grain, and squeezing gets 50 ml/ kg, that is almost one more bottle. If nobody is watching, there may be squeezing, but no more talk from me :nup: about it being a necessity.

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ADMIN NOTE: Please note that the title and first post of this thread have now been changed to expand the range and inclusiveness of this topic. The first post now reads as follows...

Guests* and members, please feel free to use this thread for general chatting, asking and answering quick questions or when you feel as though you might be just writing utter nonsense :D

*Guests and Visitors, it may take a few days from the time of writing the admin note above to get this thread working for you as well.
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DANG WHAT HAPPENED ! Anyway, I too have been wasting time and energy trying to get everything out of a bag of grain.. rinsing , draining over the pot , squeezing . And I think I added .02 - .03 to my OG . Sorry , but , BIG WHOOP ! I think I will save the extra water ( the fishies need it ! ) and the arm and just drain then a good squeeze and be done with it . That extra half hour of work has just not been worth it.
On a side note.......Good thing I realized this as I will be teaching a neighbor on brewing in about 3 weeks ! Wish I could brew sooner ,but, Mom's birthday then my anniversary .
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Quick question I wanna know what size stockpot to buy if I want to produce approx 19l batches, I have a keg setup so just want to brew to enough to fill a keg. I was thinking 30l.

Thanks in advance stocked to find this forum.

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Junga hops - My HBC is supplying members with (free) Junga hops, purported to be "the next Citra." Forum search comes up empty, so has anyone had experience with Junga hops? Otherwise known / possibly described in wider searches as hops from Poland, Czech Saaz-related, Northern Brewer hops etc. I am thinking of doing a brew with 2 Row and 2% wheat with only Junga hops to give a beer I would like to call "Junga Than That Now." (Sing it!) The HBC gave out Belma hops a few years ago and it was not a raging success among the beers brewed by otherwise talented brewers. I'm hoping this will be better.

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Thanks, Joshua. It looks like one must do the experiment to find out. Other comments I saw recommended darker beers than Pale Ale. Our rules require only Junga, no other hops. As always, I'll read more then give it a whirl. Results will be about two months out for the club tasting.

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Quick question on section F of the BIABacus. I'm prepping a recipe for a Pumpkin spice ale that I got out of Brewing Classic Styles. In there he has listed adding Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg and Allspice at 1 min left in the boil.

My assumption is that you put these values in the Misc section rather than the Hop bill. What is confusing is that I'm not sure what sort of value I'm supposed to put in the Orig. column. I have made an assumption that it's supposed to be grams which I converted from the tsp figures given by Brewing Classic Styles. So for example, 1/2 tsp = 2.5 g.

This is where it's weird though. The section of WYWU (what you will use) actually increases even though my VIF in much less than recipe is originally billed for (I'm making a 2 gallon batch). So for example, that 2.5 g is being calculated back to me as 6.23.

Logically, I would assume that I would be adding LESS of these spices since it's a 2 gallon batch.

Am I doing something wrong?
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