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G'day all

I have managed to knock out my first BIAB after building a 50 litre E-Keggle with 2x 2200w elements from Kmart kettles. I made the All Amarillo APA which I'm about to keg and initial tastes are very promising.

I am keen to brew some more and I am thinking a Dr Smurto's Golden Ale would be great as I have made the kit version with great results. I am wondering how I use the BIABacus for this system and recipe. I am ordering my grain from and Australian local supplier who has the recipe as per the attachment I've included.

Do I need more info on the efficiency of my system to work out calculations of water quantity, loss to kettle, etc? I guess I mean are water quantities based on my system and not the recipe?

If the hops I have are not the same AA% do I just use more hops as calculated in the BIABacus?

Thanks in advance.
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Hello AusieBrew,

Have you taken a stab at filling out the BIABacus file yet? Why don’t you give it a shot, and then paste it on your thread. One of us will be along to give you advice.

One thing I’m looking for and not seeing in your file is the batch size...

Using the BIABacus file on the first page -down the left side of the screen- for both Malt and hops you put recipe on the left side and then it displays what you will use on the right side of the page... Take a look and see what I mean. You do have to know some things about recipe batch size, OG, IBU, etc. and also if you want same OG and IBU or you want to change it. You have to put dimensions of your pot in, planned boil and mash time and it automatically makes adjustments for you.

The BIABacus will make a more accurate efficiency estimate for you. Usually we wind up with better efficiency than 75%. This will be spelled out in section - to the right and toward the bottom - but it doesn’t really matter because it will already be shown in the amount of grain to use. For example if the BIABacus is estimating 80% efficiency and the recipe is estimating 75%, and you are planning same OG and same batch size, expect it to tell you to use slightly less grain than the recipe calls for... And hops, if you have different AA rating it will tell you to the weight hops to use when you put in your hops’ AA (alpha acid, or bitterness) content.

BIABacus File:

Another page that will help is the CBT to understand the Terminology.

CBT -Clear Brewing Terminology:

Have a look and take a look through some previous posts and do your best, then post the file here. We will have a look and help you out. Hope I was clear enough...
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