Amarillo pale ale how to substitute cascade hops

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Getting ready for my second BIAB all grain beer. Its been over a year since my last very successful attempt using the Amarillo recipe recommended here for noobs. My friend grew cascade hops ithis summer and then desiccated them... I have a few bags full.

The question is how would I prepare them and could I use them to add as aroma hops in the amarillo recipe?

Thanks...If more information needed let me know.

Re: Amarillo pale ale how to substitute cascade hops

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Hi Ninkas,

Yes you can...but I would be certain you've properly cared for your hops before using them in beer.

For Example: I always will a) dry the hops, then b) measure out 1 ounce / 28g packages. Maybe some larger, and use a vacuum sealer. And c) put in the freezer. There are other ideas that might be similar to this, but you would not want to leave them out in open air or not in the freezer.

Provided you've properly cared for them, then you will have to make an AA estimate. With Cascade, just depends... Probably would guess around 5% or so. And if you only use them for flavor and not bittering you can minimize the impact of having hops you don't know proper Alpha Acid number. Or use them in bittering too (I have) but you will have more variability on how bitter the hops are.

Hope this helps. It's all I can help without more info.
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