First recipe with BIABACUS without Amarillo

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Hi all,

I would like to try the biabacus excel sheet for the first time following the amarillo apa recipe.
But to reduce costs buying another hop pack, I would like to use one of the hops I already have.
I know I need to adjust the recipe with new AA% values and so on but I would like to know if one of the following can be use in place of amarillo with the same steps of amarillo APA

Does it make sense?

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Re: First recipe with BIABACUS without Amarillo

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I think your question could be addressed in two ways.
1) pick one from your list and put the form (leaf, pellet, other) and its AA% into the right column alongside each of the original Amarillo data. Keep the time of addition the same and you will get a new SMaSH beer recipe; the BIABacus will change the weights and keep the IBUs to come out the same as if it was all Amarillo.
2) find out what you can about the hops on your list before choosing one. For instance, Simcoe has a reputation for sometimes being “catty.” The “cat” flavor might be vintage-dependent and sometimes it isn’t bad or it fades after a month or so. I’d put that last on my list. Any of the “C’s” would be a better choice. I have only used Polaris as a bettering hop, not for flavor or aroma and I have never used Azacca. I can’t help you on those two.
Ask questions & read what you can find so that you’ll get a beer you like from your experiment.

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