Just wanted to share my wort chiller with everyone http://ww

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This past weekend I decided to try a new wort chiller. I have had it for sometime now but had not trusted it :pray: . I had been using the copper tubing with a garden hose connected to it but that wasted so much water.

This chiller you fill once and leave it. The new chiller does require about 25 thousand gallons of water to start with (my cement pond). :smoke: :drink: :cool:

The red enamel pot is my second running I do off my primary batch - 21 litter and a 4 liter batch off the same grain. The 4 liter batch is more of a session beer which I experiment with hops or yeast.

MODNOTE: Pic of chiller can be seen in post #4]
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I think DrummoRC is possibly the first person ever to invent the BIAB swim up bar!!! :lol:
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although i don't like the idea of the pool water in the tap port.
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Drummo, great pic ;). It also triggers a lot of questions/solutions/possibilities involved in chilling and trub management. Here is one...

1. If you drill a small hole in the lid and then add a silicone grommet, then you can have some sort of thing you can rotate to agitate the wort. It's amazing how much faster the chill goes with agitation. Without it, it's like an igloo - a thermal barrier seems to occur.

2. Then, if you could make that agitation also spin (centrifuge) your trub, then that would be a terrific trub management tool!

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I have seen some guys using there pool water for their IC chilling water and dumping the hot right bach into the pool. I think I may have to buy a shovel this summer and start on that pool!
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