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Watched this video on YT last night ... wVkZNvOvug

I had not considered or heard of the idea that cap needs to be tightened as the cube cools. Does any one else do this? I had just tightened the bJebus out of the cap. Is a cap spanner worth it? He also has a few vids on no chill in regards to hopping but I would consult this site first.

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Lylo sez: ... I have hopped into my cube many times.... ???? How in the world do you fit into it? Does it get easier each time? :lol: :lol: Sorry, couldn't resist..

Re tightening the cap.. US Plastics strongly suggests tightening and sell a wrench for the purpose. YMMV. I'd assume using an incorrect wrench would be a problem.

My question is.. after buying two 5g/19L cubes.. do I have to be concerned if I only put 2.5-3 gallons into that large a cube? I searched the USPlastics site and they don't sell a cube smaller than that that is good for high temps. Conflicted here.. Do I have to up my game and go for 5 g batches again? I don't really want to have to do that. I know I oxygenate my wort before pitching... so, I don't know if I have to worry about that added air space above my wort.
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