Ever "No Chill" a German / Czech Pilsner?

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No Chill Guys - has anyone made a good German / Czech Pilsner with this method? I'm concerned hops will stay hot too long and flavor/ aroma hops will provide bitterness but much less flavor and aroma. So with some brew styles, maybe not too big a deal, but a nice Pilsner - not so good... Anyway that is my concern. Figured I'd reach out and see what experience folks had with this.
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Scott, I am trying to discipline myself to not getting involved in the so many interesting questions that get asked here.

Your question is where First Wort Hopping would work really well. FWH'ing is a technique that has been bastardised considerably since its original implementation. Whilst the bastardisation is fine in many ways, it also creates many problems as most brewers don't even understand how FWH'ing originated. It originated for just the styles you are talking of.

In the past, I would search my old posts and come up with links for you but I need to change my ways otherwise there'll be no time to develop the site etc. Can you do an advanced search of posts written by me that include FWH?

Here's a few quickies...

http://www.biabrewer.info/viewtopic.php ... ing#p24875
http://www.biabrewer.info/viewtopic.php ... 596#p23927
http://www.biabrewer.info/viewtopic.php ... ng+#p24809

So much for my discipline :smoke:. Still not finding what I want though. Can you Scott or someone search my posts or the net until they find George Fix's original article on FWH'ing?

It will give you the answer you need for sure ;),
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Thanks PP for answering my question and Belly Buster for posting that other link.

So basically you are saying if I use FWH, that would be a good solution to no chill and flavor/aroma hops working, and have a good result with a Pilsner. Will have to review these links in more detail later. It might be interesting to do an experiment and run a batch each way... Thanks again.
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for what its worth, I do a flameout addition with no chill and the flavour /aroma is amazing. I believe the hops have time at a lower temp, lots of time. Prior to doing no chill I had a hard time getting any aroma at all.
I'm also a firm believer in multiple additions throughout the boil. I do FWH/60 mins/30 mins and flameout. The depth of hop character is tenfold what it used to be.

Keep in mind, I am comparing to a 3 vessel system as I just recently started with single vessel brewing.
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