Using BIABacus in Chrome Web browser.

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Guys, I just tried using BIABacus with Google's new Add-in for Chrome "Office Editing for Docs"

and lo and behold BIABacas seems to work perfectly.

My testing wasn't thorough but I tried changing a few things such as;

Desired VIF
Hop AA%
Desired Gravity
Changed Evap Rate
Desired IBU's

Each time the BIABacus Spreadsheet Recalculated and did what it was supposed to. :thumbs:

This may be a very handy add-in for those living in the Apple or I-Pad worlds (Yet to test it on those platforms, but being Browser based it shouldn't be an issue)

Anyway it's an Add-in for the Chrome Web browser and can be found here. - ... gdpimamgkj

On the downside it seems to unprotect the Worksheet so that potentially is an issue, but the upside of portability between platforms to me anyway is a big big plus.

EDIT: just tried this on my iPad and whilst it looks like it all works the functionality on a touch screen device I found is terrible. I couldn't work with it in that environment. Nightmare to click on the right cell. It Might be better on an iMac though with mouse and keyboard but with Touch screen I hated it. To get it working You need google drive and then another optional app called "sheets" to enable the editing and functionality on the iPad. So in theory it works but practicality leaves a bit to be desired for me.
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There's always something bundy :roll:.

LibreOffice works well on any platform and stays protected as long as users always save the file as an .xls. The only change that occurs is in the colours but that is not much to worry about.

(See you Saturday :drink:)
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