How do I measure the water

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In addition, check the area in the BIABacus under "It's in the Bag" where you can measure the headspace (the empty part above the liquid) of your cylindrical kettle and it can tell you the volume. Remember that's somewhat temperature dependent, but close.

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Look at Section S and/or T as to the volume milestones for the brew. I use Section T for my SWN.

Use Section U and/or V to determine your actual volumes. Say you did a flame-out and it wasn't at the milestone, just measure what it actually was, like for example: my flame-out (VFO) measured 13.5 cm of headspace not the predicted 12.7 cm, I record my cm headspace and enter my actual volume into Section L. I use Section V also for my VIB.

If you have a flat bottomed kettle with straight sides, Section B is all you use for determining your kettle capacity. If however, you have a converted keg with a concave bottom, then you have other measurements to take and record in Section X also.

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Philip321 wrote:My pot measures: Height = 38.5cm and Diameter = 39.5
Please could someone let me know the link or tell me how do I measure the water in the pot?
Hi Philip,

Considering your pot's datas, it's a 47L

You can measur the water in the pot with a meter... 1 cm of water (in your pot) equal 1.23 liters.

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