How much water?

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Hi Guys,

I would like to brew a 23 Lt brew,I will be using 5 kg's of malt, this will be my first ever BIAB, I want to keep it simple, so this will be a smash beer, Malt and cascade hops, I am not sure how much water I should start with? to end up with 23lt, any idea's ?

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If you do not have a Copy of "BIABACUS", You can Download "BIABACUS" at

Then enter your Data into the Spreadsheet, and you will see a "TWN" Total Water needed Value.

Then you can Play withe your Grain Bill And Hops, to get the IBU's you like, and the "OG" Original Gravity you need.

Let us know if you have any troubles!
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Yep, don't be scared of it when you first open it up.

It is best to plan a recipe before you buy ingredients as 5 kg of grain can produce different results from one bit of equipment to another. Also the orignal gravity you want greatly affects the amount of water you will need.

If you haven't already bought the 5kgs, let us know here what you want to do and we'll help you to work everything out.

If you have bought 5kgs already, in the file attached here, to work out your volumes, you would need to do the following...

1. Change the kettle height and width to suit your kettle in Section B.
2. Change the Orignal Gravity to what you want on the first line of Section C.
3. Change the Desired Volume Into Fermentor in Section B so it says 5000 on the right hand side of Section C just like it does at the moment.

Once you've done this, the top line of Section K shows how much cold water you need for your brew.

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To get your volumes, just type in your kettle dimensions into Section B, plus how much beer you want to get into your fermentor. Then in Section C type in the OG you want
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Hi Joshua & Pistol Patch,

Thanks for your assistance I haven't yet bought the grains, for the last eight years I have had good results as an extract & speciality grains brewer, I want to take the next step and brew all grain. I will have a good look at the BIABacus, once again thanks
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