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Hi I am new to BIAB and have done about 4 brews so far. I have been making great beer though the one thing I cant seem to sort is the volumes. 2 of my brews now have been 3 litres short and the other two have been perfect based on the volumes of the spreadsheet. My answer for now is just to always put 2 litres extra in so I am either 2 over or 1 short. This does affect my OG though. I put the details in to Brewsmith to for one of the brews that was 3 litres out and their TWN was also about 4 litres short of the spreadsheet so that wasn't helpful. Does anyone have similiar issues and is it just trial and error? I live in a very humid place so I am wondering if that can affect evaporation or even sometimes it gets windy which affects the flame from my burner.
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