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I wonder what the burner looks like? All you see is the frame. It sounds like it could be like a "jet" burner with that kind of BTU output, very loud and single center flame, makes for a hot spot in the center.

I here about 3 - 4 ring burners on this site, that's what you want, IMO.
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I agree with M_S. Very hard to tell what you are buying there. No dimensions for a start and it doesn't include a variable or HP regulator. That is very expensive!

To make the right decision beer4, post the diameter of your kettle. (For example, four ring camping burners are often too wide for a lot of kettles.)

Also consider that you might have to make/weld a stand and that you will need a variable and/or HP regulator. Lots of good burners around, some even with ignitors!

I also think that a lot of burners with built in stands (including one of my burners) will collapse eventually as the spot welding and metal used is really flimsy.

So, don't race into this one. Measure your kettle diameter and post a few more links before making a final decision.

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