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So I had a day off today.

Normally I'd mash in but I've got a rare occurrence of full kegs and fermenters. So instead I went to Big W and got a 20L stainless steel stock pot to act as a malt pipe/grain bag inside my urn. It was advertised at $20 but i noticed that the lid was damaged when I got to the check out. After noticing this they gave it to me for $10! Obviously not a high grade of stainless steel as a magnet sticks to it... nor did I care about the lid seeing it will live inside my urn which has a lid.

Anyway, I'm one ball valve away from having a recirculating system like this: ... rnal-rims/

Will post pics of the build and it in action when I am happy with it
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Hey Jazzafish,
howz the build goin? Any pics?
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