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I'm assuming you mean kettle, not mash tun? (BIAB doesn't use a separate mash tun.) I think you are asking "How do I get as much wort as possible out of the kettle and into the fermenter without losing so much to the hot/cold break sludge at the bottom?"

I use 2 different methods: Either compensate for the half gallon of so that you know you will lose by increasing your batch size accordingly, or simply rack off as much wort as possible and then strain the remaining. Irish moss helps with getting the stuff to clump together. I've tried a bazooka screen but found that it just clogs up and becomes ineffective.

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I recently got one of these filters for my boiler:


It has reduced trub, dead space and kettle loses massively on my brews.
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Thanks for reply. Yes, I meant kettle and the point is indeed to retrieve as much wort as possible and I use Irish moss.

I was thinking of using a false bottom but because the heating element is in the way, it would mean taking the heating element off to fit the screen and reverse the operation for cleaning and so on, hence my thought of using a braid. But I see the feedback is it may not be the best solution…

I may well be better off moving from electric to gas altogether.

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Mthanry, you can place a ball of stainless steel Scrubber on the inside of the Valve, and Capture/Block most of the trub.

Electric Brewing is a very good way to brew, since using gas, means your outside, every brew.

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