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Hi guys I am new to biab ie. never done it before, I am wondering would there be an effect on efficiency using a bag that is a lot smaller that the kettle. I have a bag designed for a 50l keggle and I want to use it in a 300l kettle as kind of a partial mash. The bag its self can hold about 20kg or so

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Thinking about a 50 liter Batch, with 20Kg of grain, would be Very Difficult.

In other words, the Bag would be "Packed" With that much grain, and it would be work to get all the grain wet, and if you are mashing, your Efficiency could be very low, less than 50%.

BTDT, I suggest 2 or 3 - "40L size bags" holding about 7-10 Kg each, would be better
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I would just buy a large bag designed to properly fit your pot. The bag costs about the same as or just more than the ingredients for one batch, and you would likely end up ruining the first batch of beer you try using a too small bag, along with any batches which follow.
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