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I just purchased this conical fermenter from a neighbor who is moving out of state. I've been thinking about getting a conical set up for a while so this seemed like a good deal. It's been around the horn a few times, but still looks good. I doubt if there's much to go wrong with it. It came with a ball valve at the bottom of the cone to drain the trub, a twist valve above that and a thermometer and heat belt. I'm retiring the ball valve and will clean everything thoroughly before first use.
My question involves the lid. Look closely and you'll see there's no blow off or even a hole for a bubbler. The lid doesn't screw on, but just sits on the rim of the fermenter itself. It's a fairly tight fit. My neighbor, who's brewed for a number of years and has made some very good beer using this, says he's never had any failures due to wild yeast contamination. What do you all think of the idea? I traded a case of Lagunitas Born Again IPA for it (and got 2 nice cold ones back along with a long conversation about brewing), so I'm not out a ton of money.
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Interesting, Steamer...

I have no idea on your question, have never used the product, and don't know anyone that has. Trying to find their website, and think it is this one: I don't see the model listed on their site. Link from yellow pages appears to be correct and has their phone number. ... age-mfg-co

You should make sure you have everything you are supposed to have. (Is there a parts diagram, user manual you could download, etc.?) Any missing gaskets, etc.? Website shows some air locks but I don't know where or which product they are used with. Could always call the manufacturer and discuss the product. Maybe there are some upgrades, etc.?

It looks pretty cool... Let us know how you like it.
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