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:love: :love: :love:


Thank you Bob and Joe. Excuse my whiny post above. Sometimes the smallest thing can take hours to work around. Anyway,you can see a glimpse of what was frustrating me here as I have it working now. It's a small example of how I want the forum structure to be fast, easy and intuitive to use.

The spider web of info is slowly being pulled together :party:.

Enthusiasts only appearing as Donors

Tomnorrow I will change those of you who made the Enthusiast donation a week ago or more from Donor to Enthusiast. It has to be done manually and I hope that you don't mind me leaving you for seven days but it is nice to see a bit of colour on the board.

Remember, any donation you make means you retain your status for life (with a few exceptions.) And, if a donor starts with $5 and adds $20 later on, they also will become an Enthusiast.

Thanks very much again,
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Just want to also congratulate Pat on Bob on the excellent podcast and to thank them for the encouragement and advice so far. I haven't been a member here long but the advice I have received from pat, bob as well as many of the other members on this site has been really great and appreciated.Great job guys.

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Great show!! I have said it before but it is worth repeating, I would not be brewing right now if it wasn't for the BIAB method and this site. I really appreciate the help you have given ( directly of indirectly ). :salute:

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I just want to say, that's huge privilege for me, to 'meet' such person as Pat. Even virtually. On the global scale (srsly), there's really not so many people, which can be proud of such dedication and commitment into our time consuming hobby. Thank you Pat so much, for all those countless hours spent here and influential & contagious 'words of wisdom' & enthusiasm :). You're really an awesome person!!

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Bob, I think we need to do podcasts every week! Hold on, the BIABacus is throwing a warning at me, Hat Size is approaching Vessel Limits!

That doesn't sound good :shock:.

I wrote a fair bit here but I've saved it. Suffice to say for now, I never expected such excellent posts like the above. Wow! They make a massive difference. Maybe this site is actually being of help? The only other thing I'll say for now is many thanks to the few of you who help me so much behind the scenes via Skype or email :salute:.

Better go now but today I got a lot written and worked out. Reading the posts above made it a brilliant day.

Many thanks ;),
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Well, in my picture of reality, Pat... The podcast was good/great. It was an intro to a lot of folks who are devotees to Basic Brewing. I listen to or watch every one. So, to be sure.. exposure was excellent. HOWEVER, the massive beauty of that introduction is the patience you have had, not only in creating such a great piece of work with BIABacus.. but the time you have spent with the folks who are intending to get into this form of brewing.

The plaudits that have been given are well deserved.. and the head may grow larger.. but, then the real world hits.. How do I improve this part of BIABacus or that part of it.. and more work begins. Work uses calories.. calories expenditure can reduce mass, reduction of mass begins to normalize the head to hat size ratio.

Kinda like the "Mountain Top Experience" It's great while you are up there.. but you can't stay there for ever or you would starve. So, it's back to the valley where the work is renewed and the fruit grows.

Thanks for being such a great gardener for the rest of us whose thumbs may not be quite as green as yours are. :)
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