Mac 'n' Jack's Amber clone (supposed to be close)

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Just kegged this batch. Tasted what was in the hydrometer vessel then drank the whole thing - it was good already, before conditioning/carbonation. Looks to be a pretty good batch. Initial and final gravity were right on the button. Quite an easy brew day too. (Maybe this one will help to make up for the 5 gallons I just dumped due to some type of nastiness getting in.)

Hope I'm adding this right - added the recipe report and attached the file.

[center]BIABacus Pre-Release 1.3T RECIPE REPORT[/center]
[center]BIAB Recipe Designer, Calculator and Scaler.[/center]
[center](Please visit" onclick=";return false; for the latest version.)[/center]
[center]Mac 'n' Jack's Clone - Batch 5[/center]

Recipe Overview

Brewer: Mike Pearson
Style: Amber
Source Recipe Link:
ABV: 5.2% (assumes any priming sugar used is diluted.)

Original Gravity (OG): 1.052
IBU's (Tinseth): 34.2
Bitterness to Gravity Ratio: 0.66
Colour: 15.8 EBC = 8 SRM

Kettle Efficiency (as in EIB and EAW): 83.2 %
Efficiency into Fermentor (EIF): 71.3 %

Note: This is a Pure BIAB (Full Volume Mash)

Times and Temperatures

Mash: 90 mins at 65 C = 149 F
Boil: 90 min
Ferment: 11 days at 20 C = 68 F

Volumes & Gravities
(Note that VAW below is the Volume at Flame-Out (VFO) less shrinkage.)
The, "Clear Brewing Terminology," thread at" onclick=";return false;

Total Water Needed (TWN): 33.31 L = 8.8 G
Volume into Boil (VIB): 30.2 L = 7.98 G @ 1.042
Volume of Ambient Wort (VAW): 23.33 L = 6.16 G @ 1.052
Volume into Fermentor (VIF): 20 L = 5.28 G @ 1.052
Volume into Packaging (VIP): 18.52 L = 4.89 G @ 1.013 assuming apparent attenuation of 75 %

The Grain Bill (Also includes extracts, sugars and adjuncts)

Note: If extracts, sugars or adjuncts are not followed by an exclamation mark, go to" onclick=";return false; (needs link)

71% Pale Maris Otter (3.9 EBC = 2 SRM) 3495 grams = 7.7 pounds
9.5% Red Wheat (5.9 EBC = 3 SRM) 467 grams = 1.03 pounds
9.5% Munich (19.7 EBC = 10 SRM) 467 grams = 1.03 pounds
4.7% Crystal (160 EBC = 81.2 SRM) 233 grams = 0.51 pounds
4.7% Dextrin (3.9 EBC = 2 SRM) 233 grams = 0.51 pounds
0.6% Roasted Barley (3.9 EBC = 2 SRM) 29 grams = 0.06 pounds

The Hop Bill (Based on Tinseth Formula)

24 IBU Centennial Flowers (10.5%AA) 23.6 grams = 0.831 ounces at 60 mins
10.1 IBU Cascade Flowers (8.9%AA) 23.7 grams = 0.835 ounces at 15 mins
0 IBU Cascade Flowers (8.9%AA) 15.8 grams = 0.557 ounces at mins (Dry Hopped)

Mash Steps

Mash Type: Pure BIAB (Full-Volume Mash): Saccharifiaction for 90 mins at 65 C = 149 F

Strike Water Needed (SWN): 33.97 L = 8.97 G 0 C = 0 F

Mashout for for 20 mins at 76.8 C = 170.24 F

Miscellaneous Ingredients

Chilling & Hop Management Methods

Chilling Method: Immersion

Fermentation & Conditioning

Fermentation: Wyeast 1038 for 11 days at 20 C = 68 F

Secondary Used: N

Filtered: N

Special Instructions/Notes on this Beer
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Added right for sure SV,

What we'll really need to know though is what you think of the brew once you have packaged and tasted it. In the upcoming forum structure, if you think it worked out well, then the recipe would be put in a certain forum ready to be tested by others - a long story :roll:.

The only thing I can think of apart from the above is in the naming of the file. It probably should start with the Style Name. How to name a file will be part of the BIABacus 1.0 help so don't worry about this at all for now. Instead, let us know, honestly, how you think the recipe compares with what you are trying to copy (e.g., it might taste excellent but nothing like what you were trying to copy.) Your file above is great but the detail on how you find the resulting will be what gives this thread hard value.

If you have found the above or anything else of value on, consider supporting us by getting some BIPs!
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SeattleVet - how did you like your beer...? How good a copy did this make? Mac and Jacks Amber is a great beer. If this creates a similar beer I may give it a shot.
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Re: Mac 'n' Jack's Amber clone (supposed to be close)

Post #4 made 2 years ago
SeattleVet (or anyone who sees this and can answer...),

I just downloaded this BIABACUS recipe for your Mac 'n' Jack clone. I am online right now ordering all the ingredients when I noticed the Roasted Barley EBC/SRM/Lovibond you had noted on your recipe. At a 3.9 EBC, it equals the Pale Maris Otter in the recipe. All the roasted barley I can find is 866 - 1333 EBC. I am sure it must be a mistake on the spreadsheet. I am wondering if you recall what EBC rating you actually used on this recipe. Appreciate the help...
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Re: Mac 'n' Jack's Amber clone (supposed to be close)

Post #8 made 2 years ago
Yep. Bought a cabin on a river in the NW Georgia mountains. Little town called Ellijay. Nice little cabin with a 3-car garage! Lots of brewing room!

I am brewing an Irish Red next week (same one I did a few years ago while traveling. I will follow up with the M&J as soon as I free up my fermenter. I still have only the one. I am working on building up my brewing tools again. But I have decided to stay with BIAB, even though I have the room to go bigger...

I will post with results on both of these. After these two, I am going to try to double-mash a barleywine. I have been wanting to do that for the last couple of years....I have the time, space, and temperature control now.
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