Fermentis Dry Yeast Study

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Fermentis recently recently posted results of a dry yeast study that sounds very interesting. I read some comments about it on the American Homebrewers Association blog and am about to watch the YouTube video.

AHA Blog:
https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/ ... ic=36752.0

YouTube Video:
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OJp8O6s9v ... e=youtu.be

Fermentis Paper:
https://fermentis.com/wp-content/upload ... BAT_BD.pdf

Apparently the video and paper each have info that is not in the other information piece.
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Re: Fermentis Dry Yeast Study

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Well after having watched the video and read the info PDF, it is interesting information but complex. They are doing webinars and posting videos regularly over the next few weeks sounds like. All is in support of their product naturally, but that is only fair.

Some quick notes...
1) Pitch dry yeast directly into the wort works slightly better as far as cell life and is easiest for most to do.
2) Do not shake the wort after adding the dry yeast. Dry yeast is fragile and will take some time to reconstitute itself. Shaking it when not fully constituted can damage the cells and lower vitality.
3) Their process adds oxygen to the dried yeast compound so no need to add oxygen when using fresh dried yeast.
4) 3-year old dried yeast if properly stored is just as viable as new dried yeast.
5) They proved their Saflager 34-70 lager yeast can be used at warmer temperatures with little ill effects. Slightly more esters were measured but not everyone could detect it. This info has been out for a few years now, but it is notable they have lots of new research to back it up (video).
6) Pro breweries or home brewers with not enough fermentor space, running at a warmer temperature will decrease time it takes to ferment beer, and negatives are barely perceptible if using Saflager 34-70. (Same yeast as White Labs 830, Wy’East 2124, Imperial L13 Global, etc.).
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