ADO: Wyeast 1187 - Ringwood Ale Yeast

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[center]A Description of: Wyeast 1187 - Ringwood Ale Yeast[/center]

Great yeast strain with unique fermentation and flavor characteristics. Distinct fruit ester and high flocculation provide a malty complex profile, also clears well. Thorough diacetyl rest is recommended after fermentation is complete.

Flocculation: High
Attenuation: 68-72%
Temperature Range: 64-74F, 18-23C
Alcohol Tolerance: 10% ABV


American IPA
American Stout
Fruit Beer
Oatmeal Stout
Southern English Brown
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I've got one on the go at the moment with a Special Bitter for the current competition season. Normally I'd do a Yorkshire Bitter with Ringwood, as the original strain came from Hull in North Yorkshire. However this time I've gone evil and heretical and Burtonised the water as I want it to be more hop accented. For some reason the BJCP guidelines seem to favour hop bitterness although, having grown up and developed my beer gland in the UK I can confirm that maltiness is more common than in-yer-face hops. Who am I to argue - when it's finished primary I'm using some yeast cake to do a mild.

Also, because it's a Yorkie I rouse and thrash it twice a day for the first three days to oxygenate it, seems to love a good thrashing. :cool:

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Agree with that completely Beachbum, the guidelines seem to be top- heavy for bitterness WRT 8b & 8c (BJCP 2008), not that I'm an expert but I do make a few. Low- 30IBUs seems quite OK most of the time but because the guidelines say otherwise, I'd speculate that what your taste buds are familiar with as 'the grouse' and what the eventual gold medal winner is may be slightly different.
So, thrash that wort like an old- fashioned nanny and let's see that Green Dragon spit some fire hey?! :P
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Yup I followed your advice awhile back BB and solved most of my problems with a good day or two of aeration. I find a stick blender is the bomb!

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