Generic yeast v Branded?

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Folks, up until now for my Apa's I've used a no name / unbranded US05 from my local HBS. Supposedly it's US05 but I'm now having my doubts.

Last brew I used branded Safale US05 and compared to previous ferments this one has been extremely active. So much so it's blown out through my airlock.

Being I am yet to taste and this is the first time I've gone with the "real" thing, I'm wondering what others thoughts are on this.

Generic yeasts v name brand. Anyone noticed this as well? Or is it possibly just one of those random things?

I'd be keen. To hear what others think or have experienced.
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I haven't run into a generic yeast before? Packets of yeast react differently because of age also. Maybe one beer was oxygenated better? Maybe you just had a old packet? I never even thought about counterfeit yeast? I have had slow or bad fermentations before. A yeast can be shocked into dormancy by cold wort, hot wort?

redo, rebrew recheck?
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