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I have harvested the yeast by putting some water in with the trub in the bottom of the fermenter. I have let it settle for 3 days and poured off the water from the top which leaves me with 3 glass jars containing 520g = 18oz in each jar.

I have two questions:-

If I add some glycerene to it can I freeze it? (I'll use suitable containers)

Also if it is ok to freeze, how long will it last in the freezer?

(I'll put them in the freezer in ice containers with ice in them as my freezer is self defrosting)
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In your reply thughes you said,
"fridge for 6 months" Do you mean fridge or freezer as I had jars in the fridge = chiller for 2 months and they started smelling eggy
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6 months in the refrigerator, jars topped off with boiled water. Boiling the water removes the oxygen which I think helps it keep longer.

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So that's the trick. Top them with water to keep the oxygen out.
No wonder mine smelled eggy after only two months.
Thanx for the reply thughes.
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