Safbrew BE-256 Abbaye dry

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Thought I would share my recent brew experience with this dry yeast.

Just brewed a Belgian Pale Ale based on a recipe from Brewing Classic Styles by Zainasheff and Palmer. Instead of using a liquid yeast from the recipe I went with the Safbrew BE-256 Abbaye dry.

This was a 3 gallon into a 3 gallon carboy brew with two packs of safbrew directly pitched.

OG expected 1.052, actual 1.050
FG expected 1.013, actual 1.008
Brewed Sunday - pitched at 70F (21C), and put into chamber set at 66F (18.9C).
Monday - Tuesday very active, by Tuesday late afternoon Krausen falls. Some sulfur smells during fermentation but not more then expected.
Wednesday 66F (18.9C), Thursday 68F (20C), Friday 70F (21C) - raised temp to keep the yeast eating up the byproducts etc...
Ideal temp range is 59-68F (15-20C)
By Saturday hit FG of 1.008 and bottled.

The taste test was positive going into the bottle. Just a hint of spice which is what wanted with a Belgian pale ale.
this was my third direct pitching of yeast with no issues with the brew. I would be interested in others' experiences/comments in dry pitching. That is, aside from calling me lazy ;)

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