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Tarmac wrote:Yes, yes it was Bairds!
Son of a... Hmmph! I'll put my actuals and calculator up tomorrow. When I find my cheat sheet.
Bit of a bummer :angry: Did you purchase a 25kg sack ? As per my Bairds post, if you have a sack of the stuff turn it upside down and give it a shake/massage ! I found the top of my sack contained a lot of empty husk with not a lot of "content". I'm always conscious of settling when buying pre crushed grain in bulk and always thought that a lot of the "flour" would settle to the bottom.
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I only bought two bags of 5kg and have had low efficiency from both batches. As they were my first I expected it to be honest.

I've attached my calculator with my efficiency data entered. Not great.

I did an 8 litre dunk sparge which sat for 20 minutes and came out at 1.020 and that all gradually went into the boil.
Gravity readings done at 50 degrees and then converted using Beer Alchemy for the most part.

Still not sure where my extra 3 litres went... maybe my evaporation rate needs upping too.
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