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Here’s my first ever original recipe.
It’s a citra/ekg blend which should hopefully be nicely balanced with some fruity tones from the citra.
Due to the two types of hops used and my other hobbies I've decided to call it: Double Barrelled Hopgun :shoot:

Even though I have a 33 litre pot I’m doing a maxi style brew.

I’ve told the maxi calc that I only have a 24 litre pot for three reasons:
1)Using up some ingredients before I order more (hence the 16.5 litre brew length).
2)The Maris Otter I’ve been using has given low efficiency previously so I want to get a good sparge out of it. Once again I’ll be using the 8 litres of boil addition water for this.
3)It’s the only way to ensure a good rolling boil on my stovetop

Haven’t decided on my yeast yet. If I get time I may harvest some Danstar Nottingham from my current batch which I’m bottling later this week.

I’ll let you know how it all goes :salute:
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Sounds good Citra is very tasty, it does well in a SMaSH,.

Let me know your efficiencies as the MO (Bairds) i have used was much better on my last brew with it. I suspect that it due to settling in the bag as the top half was very "husky" and I've had better efficiency since I gave it a mix.
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Efficiency was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay higher this time! :argh: but I have lost all the figures since brew day... :roll:
Threw my hop additions out completely so it's quite mild in flavour but much stronger in abv than I wanted.

It's also picked up a strong plastic flavour from the FV - could be phenols but this flavour has found its way into a few kit brews of mine previously. That FV is getting chucked.

Hoping the flavour will fade over time and I'm also suffering serious haze issues for the first time.

Right, onto planning the next one. May try this agin but switch the citra to being the bittering hop and ekg for flavour. Maybe a SMASH....

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I wonder what's going on with the plastic taste? A good fermentor should not impart any plastic flavours so I am thinking you need to look at changing the fermnetor tap (possible infection). Also make sure you are not using vinyl hose for any transfers to or from your fermentor. (If you keg, there is another possible issue). Also, make sure you are using both an alkaline and an acid in your cleaning/satiation process. Not dong so can bite you on the bum a year or so after you start brewing.

It'd be nice to nail down that plastic taste before your next brew.

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