BIAC ! Brew in a can.

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I've just done a BIAC batch, I think its easier than using a bag. (Can = SS pot with mesh bottom)
The solid sides simply make it easier to manipulate, lift it out, tap it out, quick rinse and its a hop spyder :)

The only disadvantage I can think of is that it won't scale up as well, go big and it would get clumsy.

I recirculated this time more as a test than for any better reason and to see it step mash. Next time I do a single temp mash the I may not bother with the recirculating , its just more cleaning.

Glad I found this forum.

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Hi Aamcle,

Welcome to BIABrewer,

How have you found the straining working for you?

I use a voile bag, fine enough to give a good filter, yet still allows for a fast drain, how did you find the steel mesh, did it filter ok?

Look forward to hear more about your system and how the Brewday went

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It took two attempts to get the right mesh, I think its 7# that I'm using now I tried 20# but it blocked and I reverted to my bag.

The bag I have it a bit too fine it doesn't drain well which is one of the reasons I started to experiment.

As for the brew day it went very well all temperatures held to 1°C and for once no mishaps! It cool in the cube now I'll start it in a day or so.

Atb. Aamcle
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Nothing wrong with this aamcle except for the first line of your first post. Let me talk about what is right first...

In BIAB, if you have a tall, narrow pot, you are going to experience different dynamics than a brewer with a wider, more shallow pot. In the first pot,you will need to pull more slowly otherwise the bag will act like a syringe. This will not occur in wider pots though. In other words, in certain circumstances, given the right conditions, a porous cylinder may be of more benefit than a bag.

Now, I will talk about what is wrong. (I think the below has merit but if you think I am being overly harsh please let me know.)

1. FGS, don't coin a new term :).*** I still rue the day I finalised the suggestion, "BIAB".
2. Every brewer's circumstances are different. Kettles vary. The ability to use a rope and pulley varies.
3. Cost
4. This system needs a rope and pulley if the grain bill is of any size. But, if you have that and a wider kettle, where is the advantage?
5. The bag is an almost perfect manifold as it drains from the sides and the bottom. A cylinder with a porous bottom, whilst not as bad in channelling as traditional brewing, still will have some channelling.

I think, BIAC (apart from the name), is perfectly valid if you have a narrow kettle, have a pulley and can get the 'basket'* manufactured cheaply.

Like the way you're thinking though,

*** I think I have gone mad. The brewing in the basket idea has been discussed many times. Can't believe I forgot the word basket :roll:. Search BIABrewer,info for 'basket' and a lot more will come up.
If you have found the above or anything else of value on, consider supporting us by getting some BIPs!
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I was lucky enough to get tall n narrow for my Can, its actually a second hand SS bread bin, and the mesh is a leftover from my NextGen build the total cost was about the same as a bought bag.

It may be just me but I don't like the hot wet floppy bag even though I'm using a hoist, on the small scale I'm brewing at 12-15 litres the can suites me.

ATB. aamcle

PS I like the term BIAB :champ:
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