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I'm a lurker on this site from many years back, took a couple year break from brewing and now I'm getting back into it again.

I know alot of people here already know this but the spreadsheets available here still blow me away, I'm sitting here with them getting things all tuned up for brew day and I'm amazed. I've been working in database administration and GIS data warehousing for 20 years plus, so I'm deeply ensconced in databases and spreadsheets. The degree of effort in making these brewing spreadsheets, for personal use and then turned out to the general public - freely. Wow, extremely well done and thank you, your attention to detail and work ethic is impressive.

Kudos to the person(s) that created these, you are a heck of a person in my book. :champ:
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Very nice of you to say.
We unfortunately recently lost the man responsible for the Biabacus. It was a man named Pat Hollingdale (Pistol Patch) who worked to create the sheets as well as being one of the creators of the whole Biab process. He was a great friend and mentor to a lot of us here and is missed.
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