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Hey All,
My local brew shop held its annual Customer Appreciation day yesterday and I attended. I got there a bit late, so everyone was already pretty "happy", having consumed numerous samples of others homebrew that was brought to share.

[Earlier this week I was at the shop to purchase some grains and spoke with a fellow AG brewer there who I've met before, let's call him Phil. I told him of my love for the BIAB method. He was intrigued. He was amazed that without sparging I could hit my numbers. I told him how I made my bag using a voile curtain.]

Yesterday at the party Phil came up to me as I was evangelizing BIAB to a newbie (currently extract brewing), and he says, "Hey, how's that Brew in A Curtain thing going?" I had to laugh because he remembered that I used a voile curtain to make my bag.

I went on to explain the beauty and simplicity of this Australia-originated method to both of them and several others gathered in the circle, and I think I actually turned some heads.

Maybe for current all-grainers converting to BIAB will be difficult, but the new guys who are still understanding the alternatives for AG, and costs involved are ripe for the picking! It is hard to defend a 3 vessel expensive system when 1 vessel does the job.

It is exciting to be able to evangelize about BIAB. Thanks to all of you here who have developed this method and shared it with the brewing world.

On a side note, one of the guys at the party (Jamie) and a member of Wootown Brewers http://www.wootown.org/ won 1st place for his Porter at the AHA's NHC a few weeks back. He had a growler with a few glasses left and offered me some. Wow, good stuff. He's old school, so I doubt I'll convert him to BIAB, but then again you never know! He did remember that Brad Smith presented a BIAB seminar at the NHC, but he did not attend.

Just thought I'd share with everyone my experience this weekend. BIAB has a ways to go to get widespread recognition as a viable method, but it is exciting for me to be at the forefront of this wave of the future!

Cheers all!
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It's hard not to be a BIAB preacher :)
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Good on you MMD ;),

I think in Oz, BIAB can be regarded as close to main stream now as it's been going on for about 6 years and held its own. You might find also that a few 3 vessel guys will change in time. There's quite a few on the board here. BobBrews is one and I think half his club is doing it now :P.

Maybe, you can create your own BIAB belt :lol:.

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PistolPatch wrote:Good on you MMD ;),

BobBrews is one and I think half his club is doing it now :P.

Maybe, you can create your own BIAB belt :lol:.

It's true! When I started with my club I was a 3V brewer. I brewed that way for 2+? years. It just seemed inefficient or somehow less than satisfactorily to me. I was looking at single vessel brewing using "termite barrier?" (a stainless steel mesh) to use as a bag. I was just about to order some mesh when I saw a story in (BYO - Brew Your Own) magazine about brewing "Down Under". I made a voile bag which I still use to this day.

My club thought I was crazy and I was the only BIAB "radical" in the club. We now have half the regular members (brew in a bagging) most with no chill!! The club has gotten younger and the old 3V'ers seem to be fading out. I don't remember any 3V brewer in the club winning anything in our local competition this year? I took a first place with a (radical) BIAB creation!

After our Basic Brewing no chill show. http://traffic.libsyn.com/basicbrewing/ ... lexp02.mp3
James Spencer (the host) has bought a no chill container! He usually brews BIAB anyway! Stay tuned! We are the leading edge of home brewing! Be proud!
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