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Tough call Jim.

I guess if I could only brew 1 more beer, it would be a chocolate porter. But I'do it as a 500 litre batch, just to make it last ;)
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I think I would brew some sort of killer hop bomb. If it were my last brew it wouldn't matter if my taste buds were killed off anyway. Come to think of it, my taste buds are gone already maybe that is why I need stronger beers?
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Wow, that's a hard question. Here's 4 beers that I always try and have on tap...

1. Munich Helles - Takes nearly a year for this one to become really good though.
2. Kolsch - LloydieP's Krispy Kolsch, fermented low, is a very easy drinking beer but also quite interesting.
3. NRB's All Amarillo APA - Really well-balanced, interesting and drinkable beer that is easy to brew.
4. Schwartzbier - A heap of flavours in every mouthful yet not over-powering at all. This can be a taste sensation.

I have no idea which of the above is my favourite.
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Do I brew something that I have all to myself (choc porter perhaps - the missus and father-in-law won't drink it ;) ) or something that everyone likes?

I would brew a german pilsner but, as others have said, it would have to be a huge batch so I don't need to be stingy with it.
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