MS goes to Belize Central America

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Belize" onclick=";return false;

We saw Belikin beer being sold at the port of Belize and asked about the brewery, unfortunately
there was no Belikin Brewery Tours anymore. :sad: I would have gone on that excursion. I found
this link at this time of posting;" onclick=";return false; The last
tour review was in February.

So MS walks into a pub and drinks a Premium and a Stout (2 for 5 USD), and my GF has the two lagers." onclick=";return false;

Bit 'O History
Baron Bliss Tomb and Lightlight" onclick=";return false;

Lighthouse Lager
MS beer bottles
I brought back four empty beer bottles.
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Great post as usual Richard!
I didn't even realise Belize used to be part of the British Empire :blush:

Are you visiting any other countries?
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Thanks for the update. We are on vacation and holiday vicariously through you! Please don't drink too much. I get headaches easily!
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Nice one MS! I'm quite partial to a Belikin myself. Depending on where you are travelling in Belize, check out the shops and supermarkets for different beers as well. There are still some British bases in Belize and they import stuff for the squaddies. They also try to cater for American tastes on the islands, so you mind find Brooklyn and possibly even Sierra Nevada. Its pretty pricey by comparison though.

If you're coming across the border to Guatemala - come to Antigua and I'll buy you a pint while you're here. Also, in Guatemala City you have the Central American Brewery that's been established since 1886 and they do have tours.

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mally wrote: Are you visiting any other countries?
We went on a seven day cruise with four port stops. This was my
first cruise. We did not sign up for any official approved excursions
from the cruise ship.

Our first stop was Cozumel Mexico." onclick=";return false;
This is a 100% tourist island, they are very appreciative of your money.
After not making it on a large van with a lot of people, that company
pointed us over to another guy who didn't have any takers. He gave us
a good deal for just the two of us, but before we left, another couple
walked over and we got even a better deal and shared the ride with this
very nice young couple. We had a good time, good tour guide with many
stops around the island.

The 2nd stop was Belize.
We walked out of the tourist port area past the walls. Once outside we
decided to walk to the coastline we saw afar off. Once there we saw the
Lighthouse. A guy kept trying to sell us a horse and buggy ride and we
thought we lost him. We made it to the end and this guy crops up again.
We took him up on a $25 USD ride around the streets nearby.
It went something like this one here;" onclick=";return false;

More to come later...

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