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I met LloydieP several years ago before he had even tried all-grain. Even then he had a knack. Most of his kit beers were truly outstanding which says a lot as there are less than a handful of kit brewer's beers I have tasted and gone, "Wow!" Since then, he has got into all-grain and I have been astounded at his knack for recipe formulation.

He has posted some great stuff on this site but I hadn't seen a post from him for some time so I called him...

He has been teaching a small group of other brewers up in the hills of Perth (about an hour away from me) how to brew. They have never brewed before and he has thrown them all straight into all-grain and have a little group called the Tree House Brewery.

Regarding his non-posting, he told me today that he seems to hardly have any time at the moment to write let alone work out where or under what topic title he should post his latest brewing thoughts. I said to him, "No problem, we'll create a blog for you! You can just write whatever you want in the one thread. If you write something that needs spelling corrections or editing, we'll fix it. And, if you write anything that doesn't flow we'll save it for you for a re-post later."

I think he liked that idea.

Lloyd is one of the most interesting brewers I know to talk to about beer. He is obsessed with brewing, is a chef amongst other things, constantly experiments and has a true knack for recipe formulation. He brews to taste rather than rules and he is the main man I go to for recipes.

So, LloydieP, feel free to use this thread to throw your thoughts at us. (And other BIABrewers should feel free to ask him questions or make comments.)

A knack like yours needs to be shared,
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Thanks for the gushing intro Pat! (Aw shucks)
Lloydie posts number FOUR on his own blog :lol:
This is my third attempt to post and I swear if I lose my connection this time I'm F%$*in' GONE!!

Between helping my mate with his business, trying to kick start mine, drinking beer, brewing beer, trying to get laid and helping another mate with her business (see the connection? :roll: ) I've been flat out..

The Tree House Brewery is like a dream come true. A couple of like minded (cool) mates became interested (instead of glazing over) when I dribbled incessantly about brewing beer (BOOOORING).

So I set my gear up at Paulie's and called Monday BREWDAY! So far it'sbeen a screaming success. The first brew we did was an IPA. Now I've been nudgin that little holy grail for a couple of years now, but this one was without a doubt the best beer i HAVE ever tasted!! (beginner's luck?) Now here's the thing about english IPAs, they can be enjoyed all year round, they can be sipped casually with a spliff, they can be given to unsuspecting young ladies (one pint and they're yours), they can show non-beer-affictionados how 'ken good beer can actually taste, they tick(le) all the requirements for a good pint, and of course they're LETHAL!!

I only made three 'major' changes (tweaks) to my evolving recipe for this one.
1) I added rye malt to smooth the bitterness somewhat (OMG it worked).
2) I added the medium and dark crystal at mash-out (Cheers Hashie ;) )
3) I used wyeast 1968 ESB yeast (just for something different).

Ok it's been a long time since I've tried to suck that last little drop from a pint glass, but the most heartbreaking blown keg was this one. We nudged it pretty hard when we tapped it, and served it with a ye olde english roast beef and yorkie poods. Two hours late and feeling pretty sorry for myself, I rolled up to work the next day. Paulie pulled up next to me in the carpark, wound down his window and said
"'ken strong piss"
and drove off... :lol:
We have two more kegs conditioning now.
Next cab off the rank was a psuedo Pilsener for our Oktoberfest bash using my old mate Wyeast 1007. That seems to be improving by the day (needs HEAPS of conditioning)
The OKTOBERFEST we made the following week is already one of the beers I'll remember years from now (cara-aroma makes me weak at the knees) That should be ready for our bash too.
The other Oktoberfest, which I based on Sam Adam's Boston Lager won't be ready in time but hooly-dooly it's gonna be a cracker!
Just for shits and giggles we busted out A Belgian Wit one arvo after work last week so we couls have a nice quick beer done to fill the big fermenter and do the "grain to brain in a week" thing, so far SOOO good.
I'll get some recipes up soonish... :geek:
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Always worth the wait Lloydie :). A great read, as always, for me. I'll leave it up to the other mods as to whether any bits needs editing. If the secret ingredient of excellent beer is passion, you have it in spades. All you need now is a real internet connection ;).
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Hey Lloydie, 1469 is reasonably well- suited to the swift 'grain to brain', I sent you some slants didn't I? Caraaroma goes fantastically in an ESB, like this is nice, sub 2g/L Styrian for the pair of late additions if you want, they're in there as a sub for it anyway.

Great stuff, keep them posts coming!
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Hey Lloydie,

Where abouts in the hills do you guys have the Tree House? would have loved something like that when I lived up there!
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We're in Kalamunda. Aaaah home. Tried to get away for years. Not sure why.

Yeah Ralph you did send me some 1469, but I think I buggered it.. :o

Much over 1.060OG and it starts to suffer! 1882 doesn't seem to mind, just takes a wee conditioning out of some not so hot flavours..

Hashie the mash-out addition of the dark and medium crystal gave me something I've been dreaming about. Twas the main reason for crying when we blew the keg. "Anyone want those drip tray slops? Great I'll just go and er take it inside and um.. clean it. Yes clean it, back in a sec boys." :twisted:

Monday coming we're gonna bust out a JS Golden Ale. Much as I reckon the bigger NRB's All Amerillo is better (read malty), I'm thinking that in the beginning phase I might use the Malt shovel recipe and try and nail it. Heaps of folk here like it, so if I can hit the button they'll more likely go weak at the knees when they try the better one (who's a smarty-pants?). The original is heaps drier, lower OG and not so much in the way of late additions. Baby steps for the peasants.. :roll:

Me, I was convinced easily. My first AG experience was a Pat brewday (can I bring my partner? :lol: ) Meeting someone as passionate (more?) than myself about something blew me away. We jumped almost instantly into AG from kits. Pat was there every step of the way to help. The obsession took hold rather quickly from there. Having someone there to bounce ideas around with, who has both unbridled passion and a vast knowledge was about as good as it could get. I've found myself developing the same attitude to spreading the word as I've grown my own knowledge and confidence. I really enjoy catching up with Pat either coffee :o or brewing/drinking/chewing the fat. His drive to simplify things for both noobs and experienced brewers has changed the homebrew landscape for ever! Seethis one
Cheers Pat
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LloydieP wrote:I really enjoy catching up with Pat either coffee...
Coffee :o

Thanks for the above post Lloydie but the gain has been all mine. It's always a pleasure to meet other brewers as there are very few duds and so many times you learn the most interesting things or just meet great, down to earth people who often just have the perfect way of passing good knowledge on. It's a pleasure to see you doing this Lloyd as a lot of brewers forget or more often, and quite understandably, do not physically have time to pass their experience on.

I think your blog is well under way so I better bow out of this thread now as I should be busy moderating etc. (I can't beleive none of our mods have tidied up your swearing yet - that's the first job :).)

Please keep up your interenet connection and abuse your download limit on


So, from now on, all I can do is guarantee that I will read it and keep it as tidy as possible.
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+1 to the above ;)
outbreak wrote:Are you going to have open brew days?? I would be interested in learning a thing or two or ten (and talking some crap.....)
Good question OB! I think Lloydie is planning an Oktoberfest. Can we all come Lloydie?

If so, it will be the first official get-together ever!

Pressure's on mate,
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Brewday is usually monday. Dan usually rocks up after work. PM me if you're keen, it would be great to get some more brewers along from time to time. We're pretty cruisey, NOOBS and OLD HANDS are more than welcome.

Oktoberfest won't be a brewday, but everyone who can make it to Kalamunda (and back) on Sunday 10th is most welcome! :D

Again, just PM me if you're keen. :mrgreen:

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Ok I've been slack on the brewing lately. We have an english ale that's been sitting in the fermenter for a couple of months now. We had an infection problem earlier in the year. Hadn't changed sanitizers since.. Well ever. Blew the IPA for the Royal Show. Not happy Marsha.. I've been hanging out at a few local wineries. One in particular is Myattsfield. The winemaker there is one switched on dude. He is starting to get alot of interest now from fine dining establishments Australia wide, especially Melbourne. The other night I cooked the owners dinner (slow braised pork belly with crispy black pudding on mace spiked garlic mash and maple syrup, matched perfectly to their 08 Mourvedre), to float my idea about food and wine matching workshops. The idea is that we can show the specific elements of taste, aroma and texture both in the wine (Josh) and the food (Me), and how they associate. The format is simple. We do the hard work (eat and drink mostly), to design a perfect four course menu matched with Myattsfield wines that can be re-created by someone quickly and easily while hosting guests at a dinner party. We serve this up during the workshop, giving the participents a dining experience, an educational experience, a demonstration of preparing and serving and a set of written instructions. The pork belly dish above was my proposed main course for a workshop. I put that together at the table using my hiking stove and a distant microwave. Twas a serious bistro quality dish. Of the six crazy wines they dug out of the private cellar not one came close to matching as the Mourvedre. Proposal SOLD.
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Great to hear from you Lloydie! When are you going to get a computer instead of posting from your phone? :P

We missed you at the Royal Show. Can't believe you ended up at a dentist instead of at the tasting :o. And that you missed out on entering. Your English IPAs are gold!

Next brew day we have, you're cooking :). The wine/food thing sounds excellent. You need to do a food and beer one as well. I went to one of these about twenty years ago and it still remains impressed on my brain as an amazing experience. Beer is under-rated as a food accompaniment.

Keep blogging mate :salute:
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Hey Lloydie, good to hear from you again!
LloydieP wrote: We do the hard work (eat and drink mostly)
Jeezus, no wonder its been a while then! :shoot:
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How long does it take you to do a brew? (If I tried to brew after work I'd probably be done sometime in the morning).
It takes me the better part of a day after cleaning up etc and am looking for some time savings tips.

One tip that saved me a bit of time was using the hot water tap to fill the urn, water tastes the same but saves a good bit of time.
Remembering to turn the urn on right after I raise the bag for draining also saves a little bit.

I think I could save more time if I worked out a more efficient way to clean the urn and hop/grain bag.

My current time breakdown is something like this:
9:30 get table and urn outside, will with water and turn on, get other equipment out
10:10 start 90 minute mash
11:40 mash finished
mashout sometime in here, once done turn on urn to heat for boil
12:36 start boil
2:06pm finish boil
2:27 whirlpool
2:47 run into cube then no chill in the garage
clean up seems to take me forever but I am not really sure why.. I was still stuffing around about 4pm washing bits and peices and putting things away.
Might have to try and clean up more as a I go along.

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My brew day starts around 9:00 and ends around 2:00. That's everything done and packed away, with a 90 minute mash, 20 minute mashout and 90 minute boil.

Of all that time, it's probably less than an hours work, total.

I wash up just with cold water and it's easy.
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Well firstly big congratulations PP! I've been telling everyone i can about my mate who just won at the Royal. :thumbs: ↲Went on a date last night with a girl (thank god), who i knew was right into her food and wine (so in there). So an hour in I popped the question.. So do you like beer? She said yes! Might have to pop the big question now.. :shock: ↲Beer and food day sounds like a great plan. Let's get onto it! Great to be back boys.
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